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Contract offers

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Ben Eastman, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. I was wondering if anyone has an estimate how long contract offers stay on the table for?
    My reason for asking is I am at South Korea in my first season for HRT.
    I am currently 12th in the drivers, 7th in the constructors with 18 points, 2nd place in the rain at Singapore being my only scoring race, narrowly missed the win after having a 20+ second lead when I slid into a barrier and lost part of my wing, meaning Vettel blasted past me during the switch to options from inters seeing as how he has a much faster car and my pit stop was 8 seconds.... :(
    Virgin, Lotus, HRT and Williams have offered me a contract, some of the offers have expiry dates listed but the Williams one does not.
    Im just curious if I should accept ASAP or if I can hold out on Williams to see if Sauber/TR/Renault give me a contract?
    I want the fastest car possible and i definately don't want to be stuck with HRT again.
  2. I've never had a contract with an expiry date, but I think all contracts last a season. The offers have expiry dates ("We have until Suzuka before they look for someone else").

    As for looking for the fastest team next season, it might actually be HRT. Since you have probably outscored Force India and Williams, the HRT will be on par with those teams. It depends how well Williams is doing, because if they're losing to Force India their car will be weaker next season.
  3. Most of my offers had an expiry date (usually 1-3 races), but my Ferrari offer was to last until the end of the season. If I was you I would hold out, though the Williams is a fantastic car, I did my first season with them and I kinda missed the car when I moved to Ferrari.
  4. I can't be sure for certain but so far, all the offers I received had same expiration date. So if the first offers you received started to expire, expect the next one you received to expire next race and so on.

    If you want to be safe, backup the savegame folder before moving on to next race.
  5. HRT may be faster but id like to move To a team with kers where I stand a chance at running for points regularly.
    In my second expert career I will prob start as lotus and stick by them but not now. I want a slick car! I had only really driven the HRT but went on a time trial assault on the leader boards and was killing it in the RBR