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Contract Offers

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Rhys Garbin, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Whats the biggest contract you guys have been offered in your career
  2. redbull on my 2nd season
  3. Very little. Virgin again.
  4. I start a career of seven years. After winning championship like second pilot with my Lotus the first year, BMW Sauber proposed a contract but i had choose to be first pilot and i stay with Lotus. After 6 races in second season, (91 pts in championship) no proposition anyway. i'm level 27 reputation ... hope proposition for middle season
  5. 2nd season - Force India. I want a Williams drive for season 3 though :D
  6. Lotus renegotiation of my current contract
  7. I got offered a contract for Mclaren finally :D
  8. mclaren
  9. Sauber 2nd year
  10. Force India
  11. James Chant

    James Chant

    Season 1 lotus $500,000 , WDC - red bull offer $11.500,000
    Season 2 red bull $11,500,000, WDC, WCC, ferrari offer $18,000,000
    Season 3 ferrari $18,000,000, after Monza, WDC, mercedes offer $23,000,000, red bull offer $26,000,000 - undecided yet, waiting for a lesser team as want to learn manual gears next season so need lower objectives.
  12. 11.5M - red bull - after beating webber in the championship.
  13. $8,500,000 Toro Rosso
  14. Hello, I managed to beat F.massa late in the first season (with my lotus), so my Ferrari
    propose his tub! I accepted
  15. Got myself a ferrari offer for 3rd season, would have got offer for 2nd season if I didn't just accept Lotus straight away
  16. none im rubbish
  17. Ferrari 2nd year
  18. lotus for another season but i'm still halfway through the first one so something better might still come up.
  19. bmw sauber offered me 7,5 million but i hope to get offer from force india
  20. I am in my first season with 4 races to go i have offers from all the new teams, BMW Sauber and Force India.

    Do you think if you complete all of your R&D objectives in all practice sessions as well as qualy and race it makes a difference to what contracts are offered?

    Before i had a HD failure and had to start again i always started P1 but ended up skipping to qualy once i learnt the track had my set up worked out, i did not get the same offers i have now at roughly the same point of the season, i almost finished my first season before having to start again and only got offers from the new teams, now force india and bmw are an option.