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Contract Offers in 'mid-tier' teams

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by Crekkan, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. Taken a sorta forced break from the game for the past 2 months (moved to uni, no steering wheel with me, despair) and was wondering if anyone could answer this.

    I'm gonna be starting a new career mode when I get back home, and I'm tempted to drive for McLaren or Force India, OR start in Force India and move to McLaren for Season 2. I was wondering if that was possible if I say, was within the green on the expectation bar by the end of the season, would I get an offer from McLaren alongside top teams and mid teams?

    I keep seeing mid-tier teams get offers for top seats instead on YouTube, which kinda makes me just wanna start at McLaren straight away. So if anyone knows how these team offers work, please answer!
  2. I would go with McLaren straight away if I was you.
  3. To get an offer from a mid tier team, you would have to perform to expectations, as most people tend to exceed expectations that's why they get better contract offers, in my opinion the contract offers are quite mathematically linked to performance, so either you perform ok, but not great for Force India and then hope you get the offer, though you don't always get offers at the end of the first season, or just start with McLaren, up to you.
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  4. Thanks, I was guessing it worked like that. I just really want to drive the Force India first if possible and then go to McLaren. I race at max difficulty and assists off, so I doubt I'd hit the purple in expectations, and stay within green and hope for that McLaren contract option at the end of the season.