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Contract Offer

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by erenschumacher, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Hi everybody.I have got a problem. I am a Williams Driver in carier mod.After my six podium in Germany Lotus offered me a contract.I accepted it but then i became a Lotus driver in Hungary :S Do anybody have the same problem or is there a solution?? Meanwhile i don't have any of patches
  2. It is not a problem. In mid-season you have the option to move team.

    When you get the contract offer, it says "they want you to join right away so answer before -next-race-name-" or something like that.

    People should probably read more in-game messages :D
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  3. It happend to me also. I was a caterham driver in my first year career. After a while I get an contract offer from Torro Rosso. I accepted it and the next race I was in the Torro Rosso. So my first year career continuous as a Torro Rosso driver. After the race in Singapore, which was my third win of the season, I get a contract offer from Ferrari for the next year. I accepted it and stays a Torro Rosso driver for the remaining of the season. So I think some contract offers are affected immediately and others a offers for the next season. I don't remember the email that contains the offer from Torro Rosso, but in the mail with the ferrari offer it said that the offer was for the new season. So maybe your contract offer was to affected immediately. Maybe you can check the email where the contract is offered, and read what it saying.

    I don't have any patches also.
  4. Thanks for your answers .Sabine Walker says on her e mail :it's now official that you will be driving for them NEXT YEAR... and gallagheri i specially looked for a race name to make my decision but there was nothing
    Anyway it looks i will drive for Lotus for the rest of the season.....
  5. mmm, I wonder why doesn't anyone have any patches :whistling: hahaha joking
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  6. So... please Dykie.
    So you got a second contract offer on the same season right?
    Im at season 2 racing for Ferrari, just won at Hockenheim and received a offer from Red Bull. That means i can go to Red Bull now and in the end of the season change teams right?
    Really want to race for Lotus on season 3 :D
    As long as Grosjean and Raikonnen keep having great results, i will select one of the as a rival. Almost sure im moving to Red Bull, not sure about F1 2012 yet, but last years game i believe that Red Bull was the best car in terms of handling, McLaren in terms of power, and Ferrari was something in beetween, just don't remember if that was on F1 2010 or 11 lol.
  7. Just saw it now on the game, mine is in portuguese (Brazil) but in english should be something like this:

    Christian Horner also said he needs an answer right now, since they want to have you as their driver imediatelly.

    Wasn't sure on the answer, but if i can go to another team at the end of the season i believe i'll try that.

    Too bad i didn't saw this at the first season (reading messages quickly lol) and now i realize that i could have moved to Sauber :(