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contract offer problem

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by yoshikanji, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. i now playing with marussia then on mid-season after hockenheim gp, i got contract offer from toro rosso.
    then i accept the offer, and got email that i will rece for them on next year, but actually my carrer screen is now on toro rosso dasboard,
    i looking on the standing and i found that my name is now listed as toro rosso driver, i try to play the next race on budapest.
    but all i got is i'm on toro rosso garage and sitting on the toro rosso cockpit car...

    is this happen to others too?

    so the mid-season contract is not started for next year?
  2. This is the way it works now.
    I was driving for Williams in my first season and in the mid of it i recieved a contract from Mclaren,after i accepted it,instantly switched over mclaren car mid season(On the next race).
  3. ow, ok i see.
    but is that normally happen on real life??
    i mean, doesn it a bit strange??
  4. Does seem odd you join the team as soon as you accept the contract.

    Could understand in Season Challenge, but in Career Mode I thought you'd of had to wait until the start of the new season like in previous games.
  5. Contract offers make you change for the next race if you accept. However if you chose a rival (when available) and beat him you can take his place for the next season.
  6. You need to read the emails carefully. It clearly says the Toro Rosso boss wants you to start immediately. Other contract offers clearly state next season.
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  7. yes you right, he want me immedietly race for him at nex race.

    anyway, if i accept this offer, is there any chance i will got another offer from other team at the end of season?
  8. Yes. I am a few races on from there, have just had a contract offers from HRT, Caterham and Marussia, and have also chosen Di Resta as rival & been told I will be offered his seat if I beat him over the rest of the season.
  9. i see, thx for the help all
  10. I'm in kind of a similar situation. I was in a HRT and had an offer from Toro Rosso just before Hungary saying in the message they wanted to start straight away.So I accepted; desperate to get out of the HRT. After I switched I get an email saying I will be driving for Toro Rosso next season too. Is this right?

    I read on a another thread if you switch mid season you still get offers towards the end of the season too.
  11. if you switch mid-season you do indeed get offers for next season too, at the end of the season. in my 1st season i started with Williams, then moved to Lotus mid-season. at the end of the season i got an offer from Red Bull which i accepted, and i think i got a few other offers as well.
  12. I think they probably say in terms of driving for them next year in the sense your contract runs for the remainder of this season and the following, so you wouldn't be "out of work" as such, if you don't get any other offers come the end of the season?

    At least this is how it sounds from reading everyone's comments.
  13. wow the same thing just happened to me! I received offer from McLaren after my pole and the win in German GP, I was so excited that I accepted without looking at the contract.:laugh: Now I'm driving a McLaren in Budapest with Jensen:)