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Contract Offer Mid Season

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Daniel Higgins, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Loving the game after the patches, knowing it will 99% be safe to play again I continued my career to Germany.

    After the race I got a contract offer from Sauber (yey!)

    I know it may sound stupid but when it says "you will not be able to take part in any future contract negotiations for next season", is that correct? Wanted to double check from users experiences as if it is for the next 1.5 seasons I may hold out with Force India to see what offers I get at the end of the current season.

    Ta for any help guys,
  2. Thats means nobody will offer you anything during the reminder of the season.
    That make sure you will have to drive the Sauber next season.

    I will say take it. Sauber is a very competitive car in the game and I personally think it is better than Lotus. Unless you know you will get the nod from Big Three, take it and you should be compete WDC next season
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  3. Oooh, I'm at Germany for my next race, and have just been given equal driver status with Williams. Daniel, how well were you doing in your season up to that point?
  4. Thanks Edonglv :)

    Have around 25/30 points with Force India and equal status, most of then I got at Valencia where the FI seems to be great at and Silverstone where it was pouring it down.

    Playing legend AI with all assists off etc and quite a few races ATM are just me getting a good start and then having a huge queue of cars behind me throughout the race, I seem to either finish 8th/9th or 16th/17th depending on track hehe, nowhere inbetween them :( Hows the Williams?
  5. Also, I think there's an achievement for having five contract offers on the table at once. Personally I'd wait.
  6. It's good. I too am running Legend AI with no assists. I've won at Monaco and Valencia. I really struggled in qualy at Silverstone (12th) but heroically charged up to 4th in the race. Canada is the one I really struggled with.
  7. In my first season I drove for Caterham, got an offer from Torro but turned them down, the following season Caterham moved up a tier and Torro moved down. It seems like the cars improve if you do well.
  8. no thats not true i had an offer from Sauber too but it was the half season where i driven it now im in 2. season by Mc Laren :D
  9. After finishing 2nd at Hockenheim, I got an offer to sign for Mercedes. I think I'll hold out for a better offer though.
  10. My first season with Caterham, legend difficulty. 8th at Melbourne, Won at Malaysia(Safety car was out after I just pitted, so it is really lucky), 4th in Shanghai (which is my hometown), 3rd in Sakir, won at Barcelona (Found two major glitch so I can do a 1 minute 20 lap in race), won at Monaco(easy one just clog the whole field)
  11. i just move to lotus from williams at middle of season
    but the constructor points still remain in williams
    is it a problem?
  12. Any constructors points scored while driving for Williams will indeed stay with Williams as that is the car you were driving when you scored the points.
  13. thanks for the answer:)