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Contract choice help.

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Jack Evans, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Hi guys and girls I need help in deciding what team to go to for my fourth season in F1 2010, il give you a little run down to show you where I am. I play with all aids of except for racing line and automatic gears, I play with legend ai too. My first season was with Lotus and I won the championship in Abu Dhabi my second season was at McLaren and I won the championship at Monza my third season the one I'm on now I'm currently doing the race for Korea and driving for Red Bull. I have won every race this season and won the championship at Spa. All my seasons so far ive been a number 2 driver and I don't want to be anymore at the moment I have 6 contract offers witch are:

    Force India
    Torro Rosso
    All for 1st driver or
    Which is for a second driver

    What one do you lot think I should take or should I wait for Mercedes or Williams to offer me a contract which is what I want to do but I've only just got enough reputation to join them. What do you think?
  2. i would probably jump to Torro Rosso
  3. Under RBR, McLaren and Lotus, did you ever get promoted to 1st or equal driver status at the middle of the season? Cos if you're doing so well, you should be. Also surprising to see RBR didn't offer you a contract extension. I wouldnt join any of the teams who offered you a 1st driver spot, cos they're all a step backwards from RBR. If you're doing so well the top teams should be giving you contracts to be 1st driver, unless of course you joined McLaren and RBR through the rival challenge.

    I don't know how much reputation you have, but Mercedes GP has the highest rep requirement, so you might need to wait a while for them. For me, if you're still at Spa, I would wait until near the end of the season before signing a contract, maybe if you got the rep points a better team will offer you one. Personally I'd go for McLaren, and do well so that mid-season you'll be promoted to 1st.
  4. In my game, Mercedes GP has the 4th highest in the first year of a seven year career (McLaren, Ferrari, Red Bull, then Mercedes). What length of career are you on, and what is your rep level?
  5. My rep level is 31 which is enough for every one except Reno McLaren Ferrari and Redbull and Tukutz I did go to McLaren and Redbull threw the rival change
  6. Well that's probably why RBR and McLaren don't give you better offers at the end of the season even though you won the Championship, you joined them through the rival challenge and at the end of the next season didn't have enough reputation points for them to give you a new contract. And you said at the end of this season, McLaren offered you a contract to be 2nd driver, correct me if I'm wrong but is that because you've beaten Button/Hamilton in the Championship? More often than not, when you get contract offers through the rival challenge, it will be for 2nd driver only.

    If you want to be number 1 driver for the big teams, first thing you have to do is obviously gather up the correct reputation level. If you're doing 7 year career, Mercedes is 38, RBR and McLaren is 36 and Ferrari is 35. If I remember correctly Renault is something like 32, but I think it differs with every one who plays. So since you're 31 now, your best chance of a number 1 driver offer is with Renault. And try to avoid accepting offers through the rival challenge if you think/know your reputation level is not high enough. You'll end up team-hopping for your entire career.
  7. Hmm, I wouldn't use Tukutz team reputation levels as a base because reputation levels for teams grow/shrink over the course of a career. The only ones that stay the same are the base levels in the first year of a career. For example, Mercedes always starts at 31 for a seven year career, and in my career they dropped to 28 by the third year.

    Since your rep level is 31 at Korea I would suggest accepting an offer quickly. You only have one more race to choose a team (every team except for your rival team seem to remove their offers at Abu Dhabi), so if it was me I would choose the Force India. You can hold out for Williams/Mercedes if you want but you might not get it in time.
  8. I've chosen force India guys and now looking forward to racing for then thanks for all your suggestions. :)