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Content server error 20103?

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by theravenousbeast, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. What's causing this? I tried to join a WTCC server on Zolder and it doesn't load, sends me back to the server browser. I tried the track offline with the same car and I get the same error. I got Brands, Zolder and Norisring from the European track pack and now neither want to load, offline or online. I believe this has something to do with these latest updates, I drove a few races on Brands offline when I bought the pack a few weeks ago.
  2. servers are a bit whacky atm
  3. Eck Simpson

    Eck Simpson

    I have exactly the same problem, the three venues I got in the European track pack are Hungaroring, Monza and Zolder. Trying to load any of the three, online or off, the loading screen just stops, sending me back to the start menu. When I exit, back to the root menu, the message "Content server error 20103" awaits.
  4. Did you get the pack before or the latest one with the newest tracks?
  5. Eck Simpson

    Eck Simpson

    Before, I'd run Zolder in sp and mp. So it was working fine prior to this latest patch.
  6. I got the same error once only. And i got the european package before the latest update. Pretty much I'm being lucky with their servers connectivity... hopefully it'll last.
  7. Bumping this in hope that one of the developers can chime in..really miffed to be having problems when I finally have some free time :(
  8. Yeah just sucks that its the holidays and they have moved locations, so they obviously focusing on that.
  9. One more bump for this, seeing as though I can't play half the tracks in the DTM 1992 rotation.
    IMPORTANT EDIT: This is not really a practical solution but I've bought the latest Euro trackpack (pretty solid discount on it) and I can load said tracks again. It seems there's a compatibility issue here.
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2014
  10. yeah lots of issues atm, sorry. Holidays :(
  11. I am getting this message as well. I have been having problems for about a week. The only tracks I have been able to run in MP are Zandvoort and Zolder. I can't get in any other MP races and I can't run SP at all.

    I'll check back in hopes that the S3 posts something. I'll also report any other issues.
  12. Hey guys.

    I have the Euro track pack but then S3 went and added 3 tracks to it. I was wondering if anyone here knew whether buying the 3 remaining tracks would resolve my issues. I want those tracks anyway and I am guessing that they will be discounted since I already purchased them as the "European Track Pack" before Sachsenring, Moscow and Slovakiaring were added. Any ideas? Has anyone tried this? S3? Should I try it?
  13. Yes, read my post.
  14. Well, that did the trick. Thanks.
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