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PC Constant unhandled Exception Errors ... Removed Pcars

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Brian Himmelman, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. Brian Himmelman

    Brian Himmelman

    I have a high end rig and all other sims work top shelf ... Anyone else have this problem of crashing, usually while changing settings or multiplayer
  2. Adam#81


    I had some crashes every now and then, but they stopped when I upgraded to my current gfx card with 4gb or memory. I haven't had a crash since. The only way to troubleshoot your problem is to find a .cfg file which they will tell you in the official forum at "technical" section
  3. Howard Motz

    Howard Motz

    I have very little problems and it runs great. I have a GTX970 and AMD 8 core CPU. I run it in 3340 X 1080 Windowed, stretched over three portrait landscape portrait monitors, with TrackIR working. I can race 55 AI in Weather and day night, no problem. Just did a 6 lap race last night on Nords combined. So I'd guess you have a individual computer problem. Oh, I don't do multiplayer.