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Connecting LED's to Leo Bodnar boards.

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Daniel Higgins, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Hi Dan :)

    What do you want the led's to do?
  2. So it can be backlit, stay on all time I guess
  3. You can use one of the 5v supplies on the 0836 to power them, and yes you will need the right resistors to adjust the voltage to suit the led's ;)
  4. Thanks :)
  5. Just received them and got to work :D. 1 more question, I have bought some cheap ON/OFF/ON toggles but I can only get 1 way of the switch the work, I have tried using the rotary encoding software but that didn't help either.

    Just didn't know if anyone had any experiences with them :)
  6. quick bump :p
  7. if i remember right you have to connect the button middle pole to analog input ground and the other poles to column 1 and 2. remember to put the left and right poles to diffrent columns. im not sure of that but try it!
  8. I've just been playing now and....I have wired it up so that it recognises both ends the switch but it is like this;

    Up Position = Button 22
    Normal Off Position = Nothing
    Down Position = Button 22

    I then tried the encoder settings and managed this;

    Flick switch up = Button 22 but
    Try to flick switch to off again = Button 21
    Flick switch down = Button 21
    Flick switch back to off = Button 22
    Flick switch up = Button 22

    Basically up = 22 and down = 21. What would be great is if I could get for example;

    Switch up = Button 22
    Switch Middle = Off
    Switch down = Button 21

    Anyone that could help or knows of software that can recognise the switch as a switch rather than rotary I would love forever :p
  9. Thanks PahaMaku, that may help once I have got the switches wired up properly. I have managed to make it realise;

    Up = Button 1
    Off = Off
    Down = Button 2


    I have to wire it like this which takes up twice the slots;
    EDIT...Yes these pictures were taken on a potato! :p




    Any ideas on how to wire it differently?
  10. Daniel, seriously, try PahaMaku's suggestion of using JoyToKey.

    I can't say for sure because I have removed toggle switches from my setup so I can't test, but if I recall correctly, JoyToKey recognises when a switch is turned on and when it's turned off, and you can assign a function to each.

    It's only software, so worth trying before committing to a hardwired setup.
  11. I had the same problems (I think) when building my button box.

    I found insanely cheap buttons at a local surplus store. One of the styles was momentary (push button and it returns on its own), the other style was push and it would lock, push again to unlock (I literally looked like the inside of a pen). In game, style 2 (we'll call it) would not turn on, turn off. I would have to push it to turn something on, than push it twice to turn it off.

    What confuses me about that software is that it said you can make each action its own button. Am I wrong with this, or is this software work the way I would want it to. Not that it's a big deal, I just went out and bought a few more buttons (they were only $1.50 CAD each anyways) and switched the internals since the momentaries were yellow and the other style were red.
  12. I am using the JoyToKey and its a great tool but the problem is that since there is only 1 input wire going to the switch then of course it can only recognise 1 button. I think im just consigned to a single switch.

    Thanks for the help guys,