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confirmation button?

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by Phil Shillitoe, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. Phil Shillitoe

    Phil Shillitoe
    Premium Member

    Hi guys, apologies if this has been asked already, but i cant find it anywhere.

    What is the default PC confirmation button please when out on track? When I'm asked if i'd like to change strategy, (and i would) I'm not sure how to confirm this with a positive answer? i dont use a mic, so i cant respond that way. If i could bind it to my wheel (G27), or leave it on the keyboard, i'd be happy either way. Ps loving the game, VAST improvement over all previous version IMO.

    Thanks in advance, Phil
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2016
  2. There is a button to bring up the engineer radio menu. If your engineer asks you for a strategy change use this button and you get the two strategies presented. After that you can choose with your D-Pad the strategy. If you ignore him (30 seconds) nothing is changed strategy wise.
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  3. Phil Shillitoe

    Phil Shillitoe
    Premium Member

    Thanks @Hatsu. I'll have a look later and see if I can thathom which keys are which :)
  4. It's the "Talk' button.
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