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Configuring Mirrors in cockpit

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Chris Noble, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Hi guys.

    Does anyone know how you adjust your mirrors in RACE07?

    The rearview mirror is not right in that it shows a car right up my ass and when I look backwards its nowhere near me!, plus it means i cannot see cars in my pheriphal vision.

    In rFactor you can hold down ctrl or shift I think it is and use the adjust seat controls to do the mirrors which is very useful!
  2. Hi Chris, not that I know of. Maybe the mirrors are different in different cars. Do you get that "Objects may appear closer than in real life" effect in all the cars?
  3. You can adjust the seat position in Race 07 similarly to rF but I don't think it can be done with the mouse.
    If you check the controller options in the game under Options, you can configure the keys for it. I'm not sure if they are set by default. I have chosen custom keys for it.
  4. I know you can not configure the mirrors, I just got first time today into a Chevy. The inside mirror is extreme hugh (taking about 1/4 of the tranparent wind screen) and I actually can not see anything which is behind me. It is actually to much showing into the sky, so I only can see things behind me, when I am in a valley. And yes, I moved my seat already to the top!

    Do you have the same? Maybe I should switch to virtual mirrors!
  5. Yep. I use virtual mirrors all the time.
  6. Yes I switched to virtual mirror which solved the zoomed in problem and was actually usable!
  7. my question is that in virtual mode, can you get 3 mirrors so that you can see left and right of you without having to hit your look left and right buttons all the time, like rFactor?
  8. I don't think race 07 or GTR Evo has 3 mirrors like rFactor, although I love this!
  9. yeh i have to use virtual mirrors too...