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Configuring Analog Controller?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by asadmk, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. hi guyz.....how to configure the analog controller for rfactor.....the steering turns v fast......i m using x5 tech joypad... Regards
  2. i would have thought its to do with the speed setting in the config you can change how fast things like that are
  3. in details you have to:

    after rF started at the left of the screen push the button "CUSTOMIZE" then select "SETTINGS"
    now in the center-bottom of the screen click on "CONTROLS" and than select "RATES" at the top of the screen
    from this new page you can change the digital rate of any axes of your controller :)

  4. Also make sure your steering lock in you car setup is not too high, around 12-15 is good.

    I used to have it set to 60% speed sensitivity and 0% steering axis rate.
  5. Thank you for the assistance guyz....i will implement these steps and give you feedback on that..
  6. Guyz it doesnt work....i changed the sensitivity to 0% but stilll steering turns v fast...i guess there is sumthing wrong with the controller...keyboard even works better than that......i hav to buy a new 1 then...any suggestions bros....Regards
  7. You sure?

    SPEED sensitivity needs to be at 60/70%
    Your steering axis rate (usually the X axis) should be at 0%

    Also your steering lock in the actual car garage setup needs to be between 12 and 15.
  8. Thanks Ryan it worked but i guess i need more practice...thanks again
  9. maybe buy a cheap FFB wheel instead?