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Configuration ferrari F1 wheel integral T500 RS

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Randy McFlexa, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Hi guys
    I wonder if any of you have this flyer
    To have the best configuration for both the F1 2012 game menu as the profile of the wheel.
    I leave as I had these pictures of the profile in the F1 2011
    Put the values ​​in the game menu too, so between all we draw a good conclusion


  2. [​IMG]

    in the post I have not loaded either the images
    Now if ok

  3. Pictures are too small. My T500 integral seen to have force-feedback inverted in game, do you have it too?
  4. So far with the demo I've found these settings to be best for me:

    350 Degrees of rotation
    95% overall strength
    88% constant
    90% periodic

    in game - all advanced steering settings to zero. (unless you want to boost the brakes)
    override input type: steering wheel

    ffb- this really comes down to preference but too much feedback strength to environmental ratio can feel heavy and you get even less feeling from the tyres IMO
    10-20 environmental (to be balanced with feedback strength preference)
    30-50 feedback strength - depending how heavy you like it.
    0-10 wheel weight

    will update once i've played the full game in a couple of days..
    have fun!
  5. [​IMG]sorry guys
    I changed my photo server
    I now believe that if it looks good

    the game had everything to 0%

    tonight I'll have the game and set it up
    and in these days we will checking settings
    and we will change opinions
  6. Flim

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    These work good for me....

    330 degree rotation
    100 CONST
    30 SPRING
    30 DAMPER


    ENV 40
    FFB 100
    WEIGHT 30

    I have a little on brake since I'm using a load cell...
  7. I tried 330 deg rotation and 0% on all ingame settings and it feels so much better, not at all twitchy and it has moved the limit of grip further around the wheel so I don't hit the understeer much at all now...
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  8. Awesome. Ordered the wheel a few minutes ago. :)

    Do you think it works great with F1 2012? How's the feeling compared to other titles? ;)
  9. Can anyone tell me what the Damper setting will change? Never found that one out - even if set to 0 or 100 I can't notice anything different.
  10. It works really well with F1 2012 and other Simulators like rFactor :) buuut .. I think you gonna race the Ferarri more often :sneaky:
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  11. By the way, there's an firmware update for your wheel, you should update it. ;)
  12. Does patch #9 make much difference to your settings ? I still cant find setting im perfectly happy with
  13. In still not happy with my wheel also,actually at the moment im pretty upset about the ferrari rim,thats not really with setting,but under driving my wheel is "pressing" almost all buttons,without touching by me anything,for example when trying too hit the apex it instantly pauzes the game,or opening the fuel/tyre menu when pressing the KERS button,its not only annoying,its undriveable most of the times..think i have too contact thrustmaster soon.
    And does anyone know what i need too change,that i have less vibration in the wheel when im driving over kerbstones?i want too feel them offcourse but not that much as i do now,if i change my overall strength im losing alot more feeling what i dont want,its mainly the kerbstones,but dont know if i can lower this?
  14. Well,what your rotary encoders been assigned for? Sometimes that is heppening to me as well,because it`s enough to slightly touch them and they work. I assigned left one for menu up-down and righ one for car status so if they pop up some times its not big deal for me.OR if you runnig in windowed mode and your game just randomly crashes out to menu while you driving,it could be some background programs running,so play it fullscreen.Changing USB ports for your controller may help as i found out playing DIRT 3. And about too much kerb-lower enviroment settings. And set overall settings in Thrusmaster profiler to 60
    100 CONSTANT
    100 PERIODIC
    0 SPRIG
    0 DAMPER
  15. Have my rotary buttons not signed for now,ive found out that its happening with downshifting the most,it opens the brake bias menu alot,but it also happens when u use my KERS button.
    Ive contacted thrustmaster already,first im gonna try what happens with the normal GT wheel,and i will check in the thrustmaster menu if the button lights up if i dont touch it.
    Ive changed my settings like film's abit,above in this threat and thats working much better.
    So its only the randomly button pushing what ive got still,but will try things out first,if it still wont solve,ill get a new wheel they said.
  16. Does it happen when you playing other games too?
  17. After installing patch #9 I noticed a change in the behaviour of the wheel:

    While turning around 90°the wheel actually feels like death, the feeling and wheel weight actually just disappear.

    Before patch #9 I didn't have this issue.
    Anyone alse got this too or has some usefull advise how to solve this?
  18. Do you guys may know the problem ?

    Sometimes when I drive .. suddenly my Wheel goes "no forcefeedback" and turns to the right ... Its definatly not broken because sometimes it works days or weeks ... anyone may have a solution ?
  19. patches really after 8,9 and 10 I have a hard drive well,
    I have a problem with the gears.
    the change up me up in pairs, ie second gear to fourth, sixth and fourth gear at all times so.
    and hardness of the wheel being changed too unpredictable to make a good drawn.
    I wanted to post the final configuration of my steering wheel, but the problems seen'll wait longer to see if the next patch can fix
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