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Computer wont start

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Richard Trange, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. Hello Guys! Im in desperate need of help.

    Today when i came home i started up my stationary computer as usual. I came to the Windows Vista loading screen but suddenly i got a quick bluescreen and the process started all over again and did the same thing again and it rolls on lika that... This happened to me once before and what i did then was do install a new windows vista on top of the old one but i dont want to do that again.. Im in desperate need of some files on that computer. Any advices?

    I have tried to reinstall the starting files from the Windows Vista DVD but without any luck.. :sweat:
  2. try starting in safe mode and see if it will start
    that is the best thing to do right now
  3. As Cris said try boot up in safe mode. If not then your Vista install is probably corrupt or something and a fresh install maybe best, as you have said you have tried to recover the files from the Vista dvd.

    However, if you know a little bit about PC's, you can try take the cmos battery out of the mobo and put it back in see if it that helps, also clearing the jumpers, that will reset the bios, but it's best not to mess with it unless you know what your doing, and if you do it make sure you unplug the power cord.

    Do you know if you can access the Bios also?

    You could try taking a ram stick out to, and check each stick see if it could be the ram.

    If all fails then you could need to get your hdd onto another pc to get your files.
  4. Thanks Damian and Chris. But im not feeling comfortable with open up the computer so i have decided to turn the computer in. I've got other problems with it to...