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Skins Complete Mercedes AMG HD Black Series Limited Edition Package 5.0

HD livery & Steering wheel - Race Suits Helmets & Gloves - Custom HD Garage - Race Pit Crew Clothing

  1. ClimaxF1 submitted a new resource:

    Ultimate 2016 HD AMG Mercedes Fantasy - Unleash the beast

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  2. ClimaxF1 updated Ultimate 2016 HD AMG Mercedes Fantasy with a new update entry:

    Ultimate 2016 HD AMG Mercedes Fantasy 2.0

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  3. PLS do me this skin in grey because I want the original but I don't find a good skin like this! pls do to me in grey!! :)
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  4. This skin was the hardest to design with all the different textures and airbrushing. To change the color I would have redo most of the design because of the airbrushing. At this stage I wish I could but I am busy with a 2016 W07 Original skin which will blow your mind when I'm finished and then's there's still a Ferrari Fantasy on it's way.
  5. OK bro! and when comes out the W07??? I'M REALLY WANT!
  6. Hopefully very soon
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  7. why?
  8. I have too many other projects to run and this is just a side hobby. Does not make me income
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  9. Dont work with krsskos mod? My skin doesn't change after installing this with krsskos 2016 season mod. Pls help.