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Misc Complete HD 2016 F1 Team Garages Package 2.1

All F1 Teams with stunning textures & high res. logos

  1. ClimaxF1 submitted a new resource:

    Complete HD 2016 F1 Team Garages - All F1 Teams with stunning textures & high res. logos

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  2. Hallo
    Thanks for your work,can i use this and your comming Car Mods together with all Neffos76
    F1 2014 Mods:unsure:
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  3. We are good friends and I only work with Neffos76 material as he is the best at what he does. We constantly testing each others work and helping each other, so yes my stuff compliments his work and vise verso.
    Thanks for the support
  4. Oh,thats great.I can use your and Neffos Mods together,that makes F1 2014 to a Game on
    highest Level.Thanks for your Top Quality Work.
    You are German too.Gredding from Hessen:):):D:D
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  5. Hallo
    What is to do with the low res garages pack pssg folder,i only want the look in high resolution
  6. Low res is only for distance camera views. This is when you drive past on track or replay camera angels. You will not notice this when playing but you must install both. Anyway the way I designed the garages you don't have to worry about quality because both low and high are in the same high quality. I do the same for all my car liveries and all this with no frame loss because my texture sampling is better than Codemasters. Even Neffo uses my settings. This is how we can go high in quality while still keeping frame rate. I'm almost done with my system graphics patch with new shaders and full DX11 & 12 support. This will make the game run faster and look as good as Assetto Corsa.

    Here's my new Redbull. I haven't uploaded yet but you can try it out and let me know what you think

  7. Thanks,i will test it tomorow
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  8. Hi
    I have installed all your Mods,what can i say it is only fantastic to drive.All Cars looks
    so great,your new Red Bull is awsome too,my most liked Car is the Black Mercedes AMG.
    I am looking forward to your Sound Updates,the Sound of F1 2014 is not so good.
    Your Mods together with Neffos Mods make F1 2014 to a absolut Top Game,you don't
    need F 2016.Thanks for all your Work.:rolleyes::D:thumbsup::)
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    Updated Garage details & logos

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