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Misc Complete GP2 Mod 1.0

GP2 mod (textures, handling, AI, images, calendar, ...)

  1. Skopje14 submitted a new resource:

    Complete GP2 Mod - GP2 mod (textures, handling, AI, images, calendar, ...)

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  2. thank you very good mod, i like it. merci mille fois
  3. mod edit - @Dams7 English only please, thanks :)

    Translation :-

    Hello! The mod looks good, yet I against a small problem In fact, when I replace the database file, it did crash my game immediately.Do you have a solution? Thank you!
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 29, 2015
  4. The MOD looks great, but when I try to load it won't start...:(
  5. Hi!it works to f1 2013 or 2015?thanks!
  6. When i try to start the game there is a black screen for 5 seconds and then the game crashes. i have tried downloading F1 2012 again but still the same. I cant figure it out. i did everything i was supposed to do i think. copied the mod files to the game folder. I have downloaded the game as a torrent, not from steam. That might be the reason?
  7. The mod works only with original game yes.

    No, sorry. I don't have F1 2013 so I can't do the same job on it. But a modder can try to adapt the mod for F1 2013 if you make a request.

    Do you use original Game (legal one?)? Without any mod on it?

    What do you want to change in database? Because I had to make a lot of changes in database (especially for tracks where I added lines) so of course if you want to use a personal database, start from mine and change minor things.
  8. Best mod i ever see! thx but i have still the f11 2012 driver names in game like vettel with italian flag etc. is that normal?
  9. Thanks a lot!
    Which language do you use? If you don't use English or French it's normal, if you do, it's not.