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compex sobjects?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Jeremy Loveland, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. Hey again guys,
    just me having more trouble making objects in x-packer.
    ok ive got an object (like a tree) im creating, now i want 2 flat planes crossed over (like a tree) but with 2 different textures, now im able to get the results i want by adding child objects, however this doesnt carry across when used as a sobject, next i tryed to make a complex object, tho once again i am having trouble when adding it to a string!

    ok so the question is how do i make an object that has 2 flat planes crossed over, with seprate textures that can be used in an sobject?

    This is a pic of the object im trying to get into a string, next to the string i want to place it in.

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  2. I wouldn't use sobject for this sort of thing, I'd use the line tool in the object placement bit. tbh, I am 99.9% sure that you cant do this sort of thing with sobjects, I think I remember playing around with it once and I got something like this to work by using offset, but its too much hassle and every bit required manual editing.
    In your 3d app, make the 2 faces and just apply a different texture to each face and export it as the 1 object. Better yet, make it one texture, like 256x512 and have the 2 images side by side.

    Or, now I think of it if you really need to use 2 seperate objects, make a complex object of the 2 faces and then once again, use the line tool.
  3. ive tryed using the line tool, problem is you can tend to get gaps or the objects bunching depending on how long the line is, so it ends up taking a while getting the spacing set corectly and then you have to rotate the object to get them to line up......
    which is all a problem because im trying to make a vineyard which will have ... well lots of rows that all need to be lined up etc and sobjects would be the best way to do this !
    i know ive put bush's/ small trees in a sobject line so id assume its possible.
    ive tryed exporting the vine row with the multipule flat plans crossed over but it allways ends up messed up (the object comes out on a lean etc). so id asume its something im doing wrong in 3ds max as im a n00b at 3d objects :p
  4. Never Mind ive solved the problem after a bit extra playing around :D

    thanx anyways!