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Comparision Iracing HPD-ARX-01 vs Rfactor LMS/Endurance Racers

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joseph Dungee, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. I have a question. I am trying to decide whether to commit a lot of money (for me)
    into Iracing to drive the HPD-ARX-01 but first I would like to know
    how it is to drive in comparison to a Rfactor LMS/Daytona Prototype?

    I really love the Prototypes in Rfactor but I like the service of
    Iracing and convience so any help would be appreciated in making my decision.

    I would really appreciate if someone would share their driving experiences between the (2) and thank you very much.

  2. I will try and not sound like a fanboy but the two best cars right now in iRacing are HPD and Daytona imo.

    I haven't done a comparison on Rfactor but just from an iRacing point of view, these cars are wonderful to drive right now.

    Try it, get some setups and decide for yourself, im sure you will enjoy either of them.
    Don't expect them to drive like Rfactor's though and vice versa.
  3. Thank you for replying Hampus. My experience with iracing so far has been mixed. I love the service but I find that the cars that I have driven are so much more slippery than Rfactor. When I had a good setup on the Spec Racer it drove well but I got spoiled by driving the Rfactor Prototypes and now find it hard to go back and drive the Spec Racer do to the additional power and pure beauty of driving the Prototypes, thus the reason for my questions. I want to be sure before I make that $100+ investment into Iracing you know...
  4. Yea many have said that about iracing, being on ice etc.
    In contrast it can be other games having too much grip so you get used to that.

    Some cars on some tracks are seconds faster then in real life so it's not a grip problem for the most part.
    Some tracks though feel extremely slippery, like Okayama.

    But the HPD is crazy nice, plenty of grip and wonderful on the limit with a good setup.

    100usd?? buying a year straight away?
    You can get 6 months for free if you are a new member i believe.
  5. I have the 3 month trial membership but it is the cost of the 6 new tracks I need and the car(s) that I want to drive for this series and the Grand Prix series that is running it over a $100 dollars thus I want to be sure...
  6. I would do it, F1 is a little so so... Too quick then reality so definitely not ice on that.

    Buy one track and the HPD and get a setup then choose what you think is best for you.
  7. Thanks, sounds like a plan... I already own 10 tracks from the Cadillac promotions so maybe I will just buy the HPD and see what it is like...good idea thank you.
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  8. I'd put a vote in for the HPD as well. I have much the same problems as you do Joseph, but the HPD is far and away my favourite car in iRacing. It's grippy, it's fun to drive and it's very rewarding too. I find that it's one of those cars where you have to get on the throttle slightly early to keep it tucked in through the turns - pushing further and finding that there's even more there due to the aerodynamics is a fantastic experience.
  9. Thanks Rhys, now my problem is finding a league(s) to race in. I have been looking at the stats for the Iracing Prototype challenge and the mixed categories series on number of participants per week and I hope one of these series don't go away and then I have no where to race my HPD.

    Any suggestions on Solid, ongoing Iracing HPD leagues would be appreciated as well and thanks again/
  10. Don´t worry they won´t go away. This time it´s Silverstone which many loves.

    If you want to race with some of the fastest guys in the business you can apply for this league, starting October 27th.

    If the track can hold let´s say 60 guys you have to qualify in the Top 60 to be able to take part in the race.

    It costs 3 dollars but if you participate in every Qualifying session (even if you don´t make it into the race) you will get the 3 dollars back at the end of the series.

    Lots of different prizes etc. I think we are 3 guys from here who will race in that series.
    Gonna be awesome :) 63 drivers signed up so far.

  11. That's another problem I share, but it's even worse living in Australia. When there IS racing for the HPD, I'm either asleep or out... :(
  12. Thank you Hampus...You just made my decision soooo much harder(Just Kidding :) ...but it looks like I will have to Kick the cash and Go RAcin'. I really appreciate the info and your encouragement.

    To Rhys: If you are a Lady (Just making an assumption from Avatar..forgive me if I am wrong) I have NEVER had a girl tell me she missed ANYTHING because she was out shopping...I get dragged away from my computer in those cases...lol
    Maybe this new series will be in a time period that works for you. I am checking it out now..
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  13. Hahahaha! Not a lady here, just a nerdy 18-year-old guy with a full complement of facial hair... ;)
  14. hahahaha... MY BAD
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