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Communication and sim racing developers

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Bram, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Codemasters (F1 2012)

  2. Cruden (Racer)

  3. Exotypos (X-Motor Racing)

  4. iRacing (iRacing)

  5. Image Space Incorporated (rFactor 2)

  6. Kunos Simulazioni (Assetto Corsa)

  7. SimBin (GTR3)

  8. Slightly Mad Studios (pCARS)

  9. PiBoSo (Kart Racing Pro)

  10. Polyphony (Gran Turismo 5)

  11. Reiza Studios (Game Stock Car)

  12. The Sim Factory (ARCA)

  13. Turn 10 (Forzamotorsport 4)

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  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Which developer has the best communication to their fan base? Including PR, Marketing, Social Media, Customer Support and anything else that includes written and spoken words :)

    Don't focus on quantity but quality when casting your vote. Really curious about the outcome.

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  2. iRacing, ISI, SimBin and Reiza for me. All four effectively utilise social media platforms, get involved with discussions, communicate updates and preview material well, and maintain good relations with their respective communities.
  3. ISI has been fantastic since rF2 dropped. They are active in the rF2 forums, they use Facebook quite a lot and have explained every step of this beta process- not that people have been listening since I still read all the time about people whining how the game feels so unfinished :O_o:

    Codemasters has done a great job since day one of keeping everyone up to date (wouldn't call them a SIM but close enough) with advertising, events, announcements and thier own forum.

    I don't do iRacing but I hear about them everywhere. They are a PR machine and I always here about how they communicate well with members.