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Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Nick Rowland, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. The 2012 season is fast approaching and I have been kindly approached by Mr Dominguez to cover the WC commentary alongside Liam again.

    It appears that some, however, are not a fan of my commentary. Now rather than make this sound like a sob story, I would rather an honest answer if people would like me to commentate on WC or not...

    I do not want to become a hindrance for the Championship if there is backlash from the broadcasts. Feel free to PM or post here on your thoughts regarding the 2012 Commentary.

  2. I would love it if you were to commentate for FSR.
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  3. We definitley need a commentator with proper racing experience and knowledge like you in the Broadcasts!

    I would love to hear you commentating the season again.
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  4. For sure Nick, you are an awesome commentator and it would be great if you commentated for FSR.
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  5. Offcourse, Shocked people dare to say they dont like your commentary. Its very solid and you do it also in your free time..
  6. I would like you to commentate Nick.
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  7. Liam&Nick FTW!
  8. Always enjoyed your commentary Nick. I especially thought you&Dennis made a great combo in Ace 2009.
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  9. Me too, I enjoy your commentary during the live. I don't understand why some don't like your comments.
    Liam + Nick forever :p
  10. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns Premium

    Yes Nick please keep commentating on the WC!
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  11. Surprised to hear that there has been criticism, in my opinion your commentating is on par with Jack Nicholls.
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  12. I also enjoy your commentary alot. Keep commentating :p
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  13. please keep commentating mate never worry about critics we will always have those people
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  14. Nick, three words for ya! "Haters gonna hate." Just do what you wanna do, and thats commentating. Have fun this year :) it's gonna be a blast
  15. Commentary was great today. Good decision on all sides - FSR for offering and Nick for accepting!

    Suggestion: Nick audio quality was great, Liam's sounded low rez, like he had a poor quality mic or lower bandwidth. No biggie just letting you know. :cool:
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  16. Nick! Please keep commentating ! I absolutely enjoy to watch the broadcasts when you do the commentating. You and Liam did a really really good job! Both of you are outstanding good commentators in my eyes and I am very confused that people would have disliked you commentating! Just ignore them and keep providing us with your great and very much apprechiated commentating. I must say a big hats off to all the people working so hard for providing us with a great show that we can enjoy in FSR broadcasts!
    You guys are a real good and positive example for putting your private time and effort into this!!

    also BIG THANKS for the guy who jumped in to commentate the WT race! Very very nice of you you did this! THANK YOU!
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  17. +1

    I've seen that when there is no commentator, there is no broadcast. So THANK YOU for saving the broadcast, and for a good job as well!
  18. I saw the broadcast replay and I can only say that Liam and you did a GREAT job.

    Professional Spanish commentators of MotoGP or Formula One are very poor and fanatic. You are a lot better than them and it is a pleasure to hear you. Keep this way!
  19. Liam and Nick were really pro in WC broadcast. Good job to both.
  20. BIG kudos to Nick and Liam in the broadcast, you make it interesting and entertaining! Keep on the top job guys! :)