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Coming from PCars

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Hor-hay, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. Really enjoying AC, the FFB, physics and sound are much better IMO. Even racing the AI has been more fun even if I get punted occasionally.

    Hoping they add Hockenheim and Bathurst.

    Things in P Cars I miss are loading other peoples ghosts in TT and missing gears. AC feels like auto clutch is always on even when I've set it to pro.
  2. If you drive manual cars with paddles instead of 6-speed shifter, then you basically don't need to use the clutch. This is so people who use clutch+manual shifter aren't at disadvantage against clutch+paddles, so clutch is sorta controlled by the game to delay your shifting a little bit, because is technically easier to drive manual cars with two hands on the wheel without needing to operate clutch+shifter.
    But I think the cars still maintain their trait, meaning when you downshift, the rear wheels can still lose traction, so is good to blip a bit the throttle if necessary, or even try the clutch pedal if you notice it can help on regular shifting.
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  3. well that's disappointing, I use the shifter on the DFGT not paddles. I'll just clutch anyway, might be time to get a H-shifter.
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  4. I drove that way for the last five years; finally got a proper H pattern and wonder how I ever lived without it. Once you have an H pattern every shift you miss will cause every shift into that gear afterwards to be that much easier to miss and grind. I swear that second gear in the Lotus 25 is made out of glass!
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  5. If you replaced dfgt pedals with better ones that include a clutch, then yes, would be good to get an h-pattern shifter too. The stick shift from dfgt is semi-auto, not a manual shifter for manual transmission cars, where the clutch is needed.
  6. Yep replaced with CSR elites.

    Yeah I know the stick shift is sequential, but in iRacing and P Cars I can use it like a manual. Just can't skip gears.
  7. St3fan


    There are mods for both. I never tried them, but I heard Hockenheimring mod was good.

    The missing of having others' ghosts is a let-down, and to make matters worse the current ghost car implementation seems to be troubled with issues as well. Hope that they can fix that. But IMO AC drives so good that it feels better to do hotlap than in PCars. The other sim that I really enjoy doing hotlaps is R3E.

    That I think is a very good point. I didn't know you don't have to use the clutch when you don't have an H-pattern. I too wish them to implement this to satisfy "simdrivers" who want a nice experience close to real life.
  8. Terra21


    +1 For Bathurst. It would be great to have a properly done version of it in AC