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Combined skin packs VEH file question.

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by FDG Stitch, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. I am putting together a combined skin pack for V8FU 1.1 consisting of FDG, ADF, FOG, TTR and XFactor packs.
    A problem arises with the Pitgroups, when someone without a skin enters with a standard car.
    Obviously because they have the same pitgroup.
    I have sorted FDG, ADF & FOG and I have to add the TTR and XFactor packs.
    There is basically going to be about 60 cars in the pack once the installer is compiled

    My question is, Is there a limit to how many pitgroups I can assign in the one pack?

    Thanks in advance
    FDG Stitch
  2. Um that answer is probaly no u can have as many as you want into a pit group
  3. Just to clarify the question Woody if we have 60 cars in the skin pack, Can I assign a "Group60" pitgroup in the veh file???

    Of course there is not 60 pit bays, but to avoid cars bouncing all over the place in the pits, is this possible??

    The 2010 EAO skin pack which has a Gazillion cars in it, and they seem to double, triple and even quadruple up on pitgroups.

    ie many many many "Group16" s
  4. The pitgroups will be limited by the tracks capacity.. Eg if you have a track that has been configured with 50 bays, and each team has 3 cars then you can only have 16 bays without it becoming a shambles with cars trying to occupy the same physical space. eg 2 cars in the same spot at the same time....

    format is: PitGroup = <# of vehicles sharing pit>, <groupname>
  5. i thought it was like pit groups up to ten? was it not....oh well

    btw stichy you willl have to be careful if we going to use mike cantwells circuit(qld raceway) because some pit groups has the pits on the main straight
  6. Thanks Bacon and Woody (Moo to those that know him ) LOL

    I found a thread on the ISI forums that i think pointed me in the right direction.

    Thanks again..