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WIP Cologne - German Street Course

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by JDenker, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. Hey fellow Bobs,
    first of all.. i guess its my 2nd post here.. so i want to introduce myself!
    I'm 25 yrs old and my name is Jens and I'm a vfx-artist from Germany.
    I'm coming from Softimage|XSI, Maya and Houdini.. so working in 3d isn't quite new.
    I purchased BTB this week so this will be my first project.

    Maybe someone's here from Germany or better Cologne and might know the district Cologne-Müngersdorf and remebers the street (i guess not eh? ;) ). Anyways thats where I live,. so a friend and I thought while driving rFactor, it would be nice to drive our homestreets in high speed. Isn't possible in real-life unfortunately =)
    So I decided to give it a shot.
    As i mentioned im completely new to BTB but its getting easier and easier every hour.
    This is it so far, work of one night.
    I hope you like the layout and stuff. Its not quite much yet but ye.. it's early wip tho =)
    If I'm going further along I'll post updates here if you like.



  2. oh, I see waiting work very long
  3. Hey guys,
    i found time the last two nights to go on for further development for the track.
    here are some updates for you.
    i have to mention that i changed the direction because of better feel to drive. its way more exiting to drive the course from left to right. i real its possible both ways also.
    here are the updates. i marked the areas so you can see where's which screenshot taken.
    tell me your thoughts.
    Of course, image 5 does not have much details yet. im just starting to fill this area with detail.. i guess im 20 % done so far.

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