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Collision trouble

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by jubuttib, May 7, 2009.

  1. Hi, I'm having trouble with SObject guard rails/fences and collision. I'm making a somewhat typical mountain road and need normal guard rails. Unfortunately there aren't any in any of the XPacks available from piddy's site and I can just drive through the ones from the Great Britain (RBR) XPack (Fence03a and Fence03b). That is actually my first question, has anyone been able to get them to work properly?

    Then I thought I'd try to make my own SObject. The European Road Elements had really nice looking rail parts, but the were a pain to use before SObjects. I made the SObject, it looked nice, but when I tried to hit it, something weird happened:


    If anyone knows what might be the cause of that behaviour, please do tell.
  2. Tried it again. Put all the different fences/rails in Defaul, GB and ERE XPacks on a flat bit of the track, and could hit most of the fences, but not the ones mentioned earlier. Funny thing, I could hit the rail in the video without any problems, front and back. I put it on some corners to try it out again, and it stopped workin. This time I noticed that the went "underground" before I hit the rail:


    I remember that the objects the SObject is made out of had to be rotated 90 degrees before you could use them, and if you didn't they would've extended to just about where the car seems to hit something. Could it be that even though the objects are turned the car somehow hits the "normal" position of the objects?

    Here's what the rail looks like without the rotation:
  3. I don't know much about SObjects (or much about objects for that matter) but it might be that the complex shape of the barrier (i.e. the side profile) is playing havok with the physics calculations.

    You could try turning off the collision flag of the barrier and placing an un-rendered wall around it. The rectangular shape of the wall might calm things down a bit.
  4. That's a pretty damn good work-around, why didn't I think of it myself... Thanks. =)
  5. Have you fixed this yet? I had this exact problem with guard rails myself. Its which way it is facing when you make it in your 3D editor. I had the front set to the face of the rail. Where in-fact the front of the rail was at one end. So I just flipped it round 90┬░ so that the side was now the face and the front was one of the tips.
  6. Couldn't fix it (not my model) but did what R Soul suggested, used un-rendered walls around the rails.