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Colin McRae Tribute @ Various Countries - 29th December 2015 - 3rd January 2016

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally Club & Leagues' started by Ole Marius Myrvold, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff Member

    Skin made by @meerkat80 can be found here

    DiRT Rally is the spiritual successor to the Colin McRae series, going back to the roots, with proper rallying. So what better than to make a proper tribute to the man who gave his name to the first titles of the series, and brought smile to so many rally-fans worldwide! A week-long, 10-stage rally. 2 stages from each country in the game, that McRae was known for.

    Monte Carlo, a rally he never won, but came very close oh, so many times. The memory of an angry McRae kicking and slamming the Focus for not working, making him loose the win is something that stands out for many.
    Sweden, another rally never won by the Scotsman. But he loved the rally, sideways in the snow, using the banks. Always something a McRae loved. Second in his first ever WRC outing in the rally proved how much he lowed it.
    Greece is the rally McRae dominated. Five times was the ever charging Scot on the top of the podium here. Somewhat strange considering how he was known for all out, flat out, sideways full attack driving, that a car-breaking hard event like Greece would end up being the place he won the most. It just showed the versatility of the man.
    Finland was one of the worst places for McRae, two podiums, but massive crashes. You cannot skip Finland when you think of McRae. How he crashed his Legacy, again and again, and still got it to the finish and somehow score points.
    And of course, we finish off in Rally GB, his home rally. He won it three times, sealed his title here, and crashed out of his second title in 01 in the rally. There is no way to drop it in a tribute, and the rally ends off at Sweet Lamb, the closest to an area-part of a stage in game.

    The Cars chosen for the rally, is the ones he is known for. The Sierra was the car he rose through the ranks in GB, and scored his first WRC points with.
    The Subaru doesn't need much explanation, neither does the Focus. The legacy and history speaks for itself.
    The MG and MK2 is two cars he had much fun with after his WRC career effectively ended after the 2003 season. He would often show up for small rallies, and fun events in one of those cars, and they couldn't be forgotten.

    This is a rally for all members of RaceDepartment, premium or not. So just sign up, tag your friends or enemies, not to mention the fremenies to see who can drive the fastest, and not run off at the same time.

    League Name (must be a member to be able to participate):
    Cars: Ford Escort MK2, Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500, MG Metro 6r4, Subaru Impreza 95 and Ford Focus 01

    SS01: Monte Carlo - Col de Turini Dèpart - Mixed - Midday - Sunny
    SS02: Monte Carlo - Route de Turini - Mixed - Midday - Sunny
    SS03: Sweden - Stor-jangen Sprint - Snow - Midday - Sunny
    SS04: Sweden - Lysvik - Snow - Midday - Sunny
    SS05: Greece - Ampelonas Ormi - Gravel - Sunset - Clear
    SS06: Greece - Abies Koilada - Gravel - Sunset - Clear
    SS07: Finland - Järvenkylä - Gravel - Morning - Overcast
    SS08: Finland - Jyrkysjärvi - Gravel - Midday - Sunny
    SS09: Wales - Fferm Wynt Reverse - Gravel - Midday - Cloudy
    SS10: Wales - Sweet Lamb - Gravel - Midday - Cloudy

    Session Open: From 00:01GMT 29th of December, until 23:59GMT 3rd of January
    Re-Runs: No!
    Service: Between Every Stage!

    Premium Membership Sweepstake: Not in this rally!
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  2. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff Member

    Sign Ups!
    Please write if you will participate, as this will be used in logging how many drivers intend to participate, how many that does participate, and also helps us in the direction to go :)

    1. Luis Carreiro
    2. Jack Hintz
    3. nikey176
    4. Graham Bridgett
    5. Neven Ivanisevic
    6. Mick Aspinall
    7. Ricardo Umans
    8. Gerben Kelly
    9. Laurynas Cerneckas
    10. RallyMonster96
    11. John Dalton
    12. Player
    13. Player
    14. Player
    15. Player
    16. Player
    17. Player
    18. Player
    19. Player
    20. Player
    21. Player
    22. Player
    23. Player
    24. Player
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  3. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff Member

    Post where the Results will arrive :)
  4. sure will try to finish this one
  5. Jack Hintz

    Jack Hintz
    The One and Only...I think? Premium Member

    Im in!
  6. This time I'm definitely in.
  7. I'm In
  8. Zulnex

    Premium Member

    Sign me up please. Thank you.
  9. Mick Aspinall

    Mick Aspinall
    Premium Member

    Sign me up . Thanks
  10. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium Member

    I will be crashing this for sure :D
  11. Gerben Kelly

    Gerben Kelly
    Premium Member

    I'm in :D

    Tough rally, first 3 stages went very well. SS4 i had a big roll, since then the navi was shouting about temperatures...:p SS6 a puncture that costed me a lot of time. And finally SS10, Sweet Lamb, the car slayer, after a nice roll in one of the last sectors, again a puncture.

    Very nice rally :D
    Colin would have been proud ;) :p
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  12. I'm IN !
  13. im in
  14. Roy Magnes

    Roy Magnes
    Gentleman Driver Staff Member

    It certainly looks like you were doing the rally in the right spirit :D
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  15. Certainly doing this!
  16. Jack Hintz

    Jack Hintz
    The One and Only...I think? Premium Member

    A rally Colin would have definitely been proud of.


    Monte Carlo was a good time to learn some stages I hadn't tried in full, had an absolute blast up Route de Turini, albeit slow compared to the other times. Great pace, and really demonstrates how well Codies have designed the surface changes.

    Sweden is where it started to get....Interesting for me.
    It turns out I'm not too flash with snow. Rolls, Spins and allsorts! Car looked a bit worse for wear afterwards.


    But the car soldiered on. Picked up the pace in Greece and decided the best approach was indeed the Colin approach. Flat out, lots of hairy moments, and lots of fun. A few missed notes and some dodgy corners later, the car still survived. Maybe with less radiator and turbo, but it survived.


    Finland. Some true Colin moments in here, with the car looking almost as bad as Cyprus 2002!
    Flat out, banana'd the car into a tree and damaged the rear brakes, but thoroughly enjoyed battling my way to the end.


    At the end of the rally. This is what is left of the Focus before entering Sweet Lamb.
    What a blast. Probably the most fun I've had in the stage so far and miraculously no crashes! (Which is surprising considering I miss one note or another usually and go off into the logs, or forest...or jumps...or hairpin turns.


    But it survived. He would have been proud.
    Thank you to the organisers for such a cracking rally!! It's a shame I am only able to compete on maybe one more event but while I have the game, It is unbelievable fun.

    Good luck to everyone yet to participate, you will love it!
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  17. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium Member

    So far done 6 out of 10 stages, car sustained a lot of damage so far. Also I am generally 20-30 seconds off at each stage of the pace of my 2 predecessors.
    Funny to see how a lot of drivers haven ot yet driven in Sweden (or have crashed it?)

    But please @Ole Marius Myrvold Do not do this x5 time repare thing in this long rallies, its killing.
  18. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium Member

    How to finish when you are done with it.
    Best SS for me were 01,02,08 and 10 in which I made only slight mistakes. Actually gained time on my predecessors after SS10. (when it is much, much too late :p)

    Full throttle through the Finnish woods.
    And also the Finnish Grass wasn't spared.
  19. Will be underway soon!
  20. Zulnex

    Premium Member

    When is the sign up list going to be updated?
    I am waiting to be officially confirmed, then I will participate.