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Featured Codemasters tease a new DiRT game

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Alex Franchini, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. Dirt 3 header.jpg

    A Tweet by the British studio has revealed the existence of a new title in the popular rally series.

    It seems Codemasters have already started work on a DiRT sequel.

    The tweet is a job posting, and according to it the studio is looking for a graphics programmer "for a DiRTy little game we've been working on".

    The wording makes it seem like development has been going on for some time, but that's obviously just speculation.

    The game will likely be next-gen, since the studio is working on their first next-gen outing (complete with a shiny new graphics engine), F1 2015.

    What do you think? Are you excited for the return of the popular series, hopefully with a purer focus on time-trial rally? Let us know in the comments!
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  2. Yapci


    Where is the non optimistic button when we need it?
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  3. Richard Burns Rally. It has to be said.

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  4. Could be a fun title.
  5. Yes, I would like a 2015 version since the original is older than my Dad now.
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  6. About time . Hopefully some nice long stages with the gymkhana rubbish (if included) as on OPTIONAL career path that doesn't need to be touched with anything other than fire or sharp objects unless your into it .
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  7. Given CodeMasters' (lack of) support history, and the fact it's now been over a year since they announced removal of GFWL from Dirt3, I'd say they're finally just looking to hire someone to do it... :O_o:
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  8. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Development has been going on for a while now, as can be seen on the Codemasters' Dirt forum under the topic title "DiRTy Gossip". They've even had some forum members go to their location to try out the game.
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  9. Codemasters...

    They're promising a GFWL fix for DiRT 2 and 3 for over a year and nothing... and the hidden traction control on F1 2014... the cockpit joke on Grid Autosport...

    I don't think they care much for the community.
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  10. Won't expect RBR levels of realism, but as long as they move back from the awful Showdown, then yeah will enjoy. Dirt2 was the last one I properly enjoyed, even with all the "dude!" nonsense, was still a very fun game.
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  11. Yuri

    Yuri 'I get custom nicknames' Kasdorp Premium

    I loved DiRT 2 and 3 when I was still on playstation. The approach is very diffrent on how you should play the game. RBR is simulation which is fun as well, but jumping around doing barrel rolls and having nice drifts in DiRT 3 freeride map is some of the most fun I've had in any virtual car. Sure it isn't realistic but as long as it looks good, is immersive and has some huge stuff you can do with semi decent physics I'm really going to enjoy this :D
  12. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    I'm actually rooting for the Italians this time.

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  13. So your dad is 11? Uhm.....
  14. so much talking about graphics but nothing really about the physics and car handling could be wrong assumption but i think it's gonna be lacking in that department fingers crossed i'm wrong
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  15. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    True, but it's very early in development, and the graphics already look more life-like than Dirt. And, of course, it would not take much to beat Dirt in the physics department....
  16. Cute but really didn't think anyone would take that so literally...but you had to be THAT guy huh?
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  17. no doubt about that but it'd be nice if they actually tried harder then just to beat dirt like for example something like RBR there are plenty arcade sim rally games out there but hardly any new rally sims but i seriously hope they surprise me
  18. As far as rally games and realism go, RBR is king. RSRBR keeps it alive every year, with new cars and more stages.

    For newer rally games, I have my eyes on this: http://sebastienloebrallyevo.com/

    EDIT: Still though, the WRC titles weren't all that realistic either :/. I hope Loeb demands a different, harsh, realistic approach like Richard Burns did with RBR.
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  19. It can't be that early in development. It's due out this fall.
    That's the only way I can see it having a chance to "dethrone" RBR. I do know in the past Loeb has mentioned how he enjoys racing games and he's got to be aware of RBR. Hopefully he knows what he wants and isn't willing to compromise.

    On the other hand, it seems as time goes on fewer and fewer studios in general are willing to risk low sales based on their game being too realistic, hardcore, hard, etc. So, I don't know enough about Milestone or Codemasters to know if they are companies that can afford to get very little return (relatively speaking) on their 1-2 yr (or longer) investment if they target a hardcore group of a sub-genre (rally) of one gaming genre (racing).
  20. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    All good points. Bear in mind, for us console users, it's slim and none in the Rally genre. We don't have RBR and in North America, we don't even have WRC. So effectively all we have is Dirt and Loeb as of now. Hopefully, WRC will change their mind about North America. Hell, they race here.