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Featured Codemasters Reveals First Footage of F1 2016

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by Chris, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member

    F1_2016_RD.jpg The Codemasters F1 media channel have released three new videos of the upcoming Formula One 2016 video game, set for release on Xbox, Playstation and of course, PC.

    The footage is primarily to do with hyping up not only the game but the new European Grand Prix in Azerbaijan due to take place this weekend. A controversial race not only for it's residing country's human rights record, but also because for the first time a Formula One race will clash with motorsports' biggest race: The Le Mans 24 Hours.

    Whilst 'Tilkedromes' haven't gotten the best rap for producing exciting racing, this one actually looks very challenging and rewarding to drive. There are several undulation changes, a good mix of high and low speed corners and of course you cannot go past that massive - and I do mean massive - pit-straight: over two kilometres of full throttle.

    The first video features both Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull Racing and Jolyon Palmer of Renault F1 talking about the new track and describing how F1 2016 has helped to prepare them for the coming race.

    The second video features a commentated lap from Jolyon Palmer onboard his Renault F1 car from this season.

    The final video provides us with Daniel Ricciardo's take on the circuit via (you guessed it) an onboard video.

    Whilst much of the drivers testimonials are simply a means of marketing the game, the Codemasters F1 series can be helpful, at most, for learning the general layout of tracks. The reality is that the teams with their own in-house simulators will have access to a much greater amount of information regarding the Baku circuit than any publicly available video game could possibly provide. Rest assured, F1 2016 will not render Jolyon Palmer or Daniel Ricciardo more prepared than any other driver on the F1 grid.

    Perhaps more importantly, Codemasters have left the details of the games' release date to the very end of the video; August 19th for UK customers. As for the players in other countries, well it's not known yet.

    Do you like what you have seen so far with F1 2016? Will you be purchasing it on day one, or will you be waiting for user reviews? Let us know!
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  2. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Captain Slow Premium Member

    i do like, i will purchase, but only for offline career mode. it wont replace ams, ( of which did sadly replace ac, much to my personal disappointment)

    I find it a bit strange Azerbaijan having a glamorous sport like F1. its never struck me as a first world nation. doesn't Borat live near there.

    not bothered about F1 clashing with Le Man , i love both, probably switch to euro cup at some point anyway.
  3. Metalogic

    Premium Member

    Think Borat was meant to be from Kazakhstan...

    Looks pretty, hope it's better than F1 2015. Good to see the career mode is back, but suspect most proper sims will wipe the floor with this regarding physics, FFB and driving feel.
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  4. Not interested anymore. Used to enjoy the series but I've now been spoilt by AC, R3E and now AMS...
    I have 2012 and 2013 with the classics and that will probably be my last F1 title unless a new development group does something radical with the license. Maybe Reiza would do a better job?
    Also with LeMans and F1 clashing. I never get to watch live sports anymore due to location and working hours so I'll watch both once downloaded over the next few weeks
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  5. In case you watch Euro 2016 matches, look at the side panels publicity, you'll see ads with SOCAR, Energy of Azerbaijan. Baku and other regions in the country were always an important factor in the world for oil production and export. In the recent years Natural Gas gained a lot of production and export share from this country. So it isn't strange they have the funds for an F1 event.

    Then Baku on its own is a beautiful city for tourism, architecture, culture, nightlife, music, among others. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baku

    This overview of the city can give you a rough idea that Baku isn't lacking in glamour/developed city.
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  6. MoerasGrizzly

    Premium Member

    F1 has never been exclusive to first world nations though. Francoist spain springs to mind.
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  7. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff Member

    I hope we won't see Macausque traffic jams when someone smashes into the barriers where Ricciardo predicted. A really crazy track. But Codemasters did a great job as far as the video seems. Only problem is that constant whining sound in the background coming from the engine. It really tickles the ears.

    If you get your notion on the other nations through such movies, those notions will be flawed most of the time. Only traveling personally can provide a proper experience and knowledge imo. Just wanted to say these, not a big deal. :)
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  8. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member

    Nothing stopping you from playing AC mate :)
  9. All videos I see look like they are racing at 6am where I live with this sun :rolleyes:
    Also I know YouTube destroys videos but these seem to have even lower quality, they should fix that...
  10. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Captain Slow Premium Member

    yeh i know, just the races are eu or usa now, quite liked the gt3 and stuff we did, with our group, Not saying not liking AMS,.
  11. Dmitry Sorokin

    Dmitry Sorokin
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I do like! I will purchase...
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  12. In fact. I've just heard the news about games being purchased on Xbox One will be free on PC. If that's the case for this title I may be interested. Lol
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  13. I won't be fully sold until I see AI racing.It's claimed that the AI has been reworked for the game but unless I see an improvement in AI recognition and driving ability I don't think I'll get it. Racing isn't enjoyable when you can simply divebomb and overtake slow AI
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  14. Well that'll be 100% of safety car for this weekend then - man this looks a bit concerning in places, not only with the tight turn before the hill but fast and blind corners at the end of the lap. Could be ok, but could also have colossal accidents / pile-ups.

    Day one for purchase from myself though, providing I can find a competitive retailer. It's the only game I buy without waiting a few months for patches and fixes, so hopefully this won't need much of that once it has arrived.
  15. meh, I was looking forward to a July release. August 19th is quite a bit late. Last year they released the game mid July. I thought it was their intention to release the game earlier in future years. Another month of waiting kills my anticipation...
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  16. As of 2015, this game has taken a real turn in terms of physics. OK, it's not a sim but it doesn't have to be an all out sim to be fun as long as the car/physics don't suddenly go into a different "mode" and suddenly behave "broken" and "wonky".

    You can see in the two onboards (the Renault one is much more telling) that there are some moments of understeer but the understeer doesn't keep on sliiiding like it's ice and, more importantly (in my opinion), you can see that when the rear comes around you can actual control that slip angle like in real life. When you get rear rotation in those videos, A) the revs don't instantly spike up as if you suddenly gained 9000 lb ft of torque or as if you're car has been fully lifted off the ground, B) the direction of travel of the car continues towards the same trajectory - to the outside of the corner - (albeit with a rear slip angle), and C) through different amounts of opposite lock, you can dictate the slide rather than the car snapping back the other way as soon as you apply a very little, unnatural amount of opposite lock.

    Basically the spins/slides seem like they're part of the physics engine rather than a sort of separate, broken mode of the physics engine, or as some call it: a sort of "scripted" slide.

    Good job, Codemasters! Some of the "hardcore" sim developers should take some notes as they're physics engines are clearly broken in these areas from the 1990s and there's been barely any changes since.
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  17. samcar304

    Sam Carmichael Staff Member

    August 19th is a great release date. We used to get F1 Games September/October... So i dont understand why people are complaining since the only game released earlier than that was ridden with bugs and was badly broken. At least there is further time that they can iron out bugs and stuff.
  18. Ohh... Codemasters, c'mon.. is it that hard ?? :confused:

    game vs real life
    SAME car, SAME camera but sooo different angles. :devilish:
    Once again.
    Until 2015 that wasn't a big deal cause we can change it by ourselves, I know I did but now... they screw us and leave with this ...so wrong angles. They must be blind, is't so easy to find real pic, like I just did, and see that angles are way off.
    Codies... listen, I can do it for you, just tell me that you want it. And I'll do it for free. Like I did it for F1 2014 and publish it here. It was a excelent job. :rolleyes: Just look at the number of downloads and reviews.
    Maybe they believe this is easier to drive with, screw the realism, but they could at least leave us a option to change it WITHIN the game itself. Like they did for cockpit cam.
    Some os us loves to drive with T-cams Codemasters !
    Get that, finally.

    Btw... on a lighter note,
    Borat is from Kazakhstan. :laugh:

    Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.
    :roflmao: :roflmao:
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  19. Rodent

    Premium Member

    With the return of career mode if the FFB isn't too atrocious this could be a fun game, while it will clearly never rival any of the sims DiRT Rally was a really enjoyable blend of simmy enough with an engaging single player to make it a game worth returning to from time to time.

    Codies also seem more on the ball with 2016 compared to 2015, and I'm pretty sure DiRT Rally thought them quite a bit. While they will obviously never go full sim with their titles there's obviously a market for meatier Simcade products. Cautiously optimistic but I'll hold out until after the reviews drop or there's a massive pre-release sale.

    Edit: Pretty sure their first E3 vid showed the camera angle you're looking for, that said why in the world would you want to drive like that?
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  20. Not same camera. CM always had Central T-cam and real T-cam. That clearly is central.
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