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Cockpit vs T-Cam

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Jason Woodgate, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Just doing a practice session on the Malaysia circuit and switched from my normal cockpit view to T-cam for a couple of laps and found myself knocking a full second off my time.

    I have since gone back to cockpit view and taken what I had learnt on the track over with me, I'm now curious to see if anyone else has found it easier in T-cam?

    I might have to use this method in future, learn track on T-cam then switch back to cockpit.
  2. T-Cam has always been considered easier that's why a lot of the serious online players don't allow it.
  3. It is because you're seated higher. That is why the fastest guys use the t-cam view, because in reality it is much quicker than a realistic view. This doesn't mean you can't be fast using a cockpit view, but its much more difficult.
  4. I think the field of view is messed up in cockpit view, which is making it more difficult than it should be (to judge turn-in points and how much to turn the wheel etc).

    We really need the same FOV as T-Cam in cockpit view.

    At the moment the cockpit view feels awful in the corners and looks slow on the straights.
  5. Cockpit cam without a decent look-to-apex is almost a blind drive (especially at turns, where you just see... a pair of gloves). Once we get a good mod for it the difference in visibility will not be that much.

    By the way, after the cool mods that were done last year, one would have expected that codemasters would include such functionality by default on the game...
  6. In older F1 games I found it easier to drive with the Cockpit cam. I felt better driving that way rather than T-Cam. But I still don't know about the modern F1 games..
  7. I have been switching between the two, but long term I will probably stick to cockpit view. The only gripe I have with cockpit view is that you don't know / can't see how much KERS you have left if you need to use it. I find the track looks super wide when I do T cam view too.
  8. t-cam is faster because it gives you a wider field of view, which gives you a better condition to see turn ins and outs. i don't agree that cockpit view should have this same fov, you would feel like sitting in the rear wing. the problem is cockpit view only works properly with 3 monitors or head tracking. i use triple head and actually modded my cockpit fov to a much lower distance than default, pretty close to the wheel, which gives me a 1:1 perspective, which is way way immersive and far better for judging distances. but unfortunately it would be crap in a single monitor because it would cripple peripheral vision too much and certainly make me slower.

    little bit of bragging in this post, but my point was explaining why 3 screens is a must for hardcore racing game/sim fans. once you get things to a realistic perspective, you'll never want to go back.
  9. anyway, especially if you use a pad, t-cam and single screen is fun enough :)
  10. You can see the remaining KERS on your wheel in cockpitview: it is on the rightsided led screen, starts with k400 after passing the finish and counts down to zero......You can only see it when you push the kers button, otherwise it displays your current position....
    The DRS is activated when the small green light next to the button is flashing ( after you have pushed the button offcourse)
  11. This any good?

    The FOV55 cockpit camera mod which also includes HUD for all cars is in the mods section.

    If you want look to apex, open your default controller actionmap XML file, individually copy your x axis 'steer' left and right commands and paste them in for the 'look' left and right commands. Save the file, start the game, choose the default controller, set your custom controls (notice look left / right will say x axis - dont touch these!) and start enjoying look to apex.
  12. Thanks Piet, I noticed it too on Steve Stoop's Monza video on his youtube page. Pretty good vid too, as usual!
  13. I always drive in cockpit view. I just think it's more realistic.