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Cockpit view

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Eric. K, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. I am just curious why all of the club races do not have the forced cockpit view. It is as big of a deal as traction control IMO. I just did a few laps at Ledenon with some of the other "outside" the car views and right of the bat I shaved a second from my lap time. However, I am going back to the cockpit view as it make me feel as if I am driving a real car (it is sim racing after all) instead of just playing an arcade game (even if that makes me as slow as Nicky Hayden this year:))

    So what is the reasoning behind it?
  2. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    well i will speak for myself here, i don't force cockpit view cause not everybody likes the view, are performant in the view and enjoy that view. on a personnal side i don't use that view cause i find it hard to see where my car end so i would probably hit more people by using that view ( already hit enuff people as it is ).
  3. Do you drive your car sitting on the roof?? :laugh2:
  4. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    well i don't have a car now or even a driver license :rotfl: but when i did had one nope i wasn't driving it on the roof, i also forgot to mention that the cockpit view kinda distract me since the wheel turn, the harm move and so on, i find it kinda not realistic cause on a real car the brain manage to focus on the road but since its a game the brain focus enterily on the monitor which include everything that appear on the monitor, thats what happen for me.
  5. You can disable the wheel and the arms (it's in the options).

    So, now would you agree that driving outside makes u a litlte faster? How is that different from using ABS or traction control for example? (I am not saying I want to use any of these). As I said I like the cockpit view only b/c I am playing this game to feel as if I were at the track :) sitting on the hood or flying in the air feels like a video game, but gives you an advantage :( (it's not like I would be much faster, but the option is there...).
  6. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    i didn't say that using the hood view makes me faster, in fact i run the same times in both view so it doesn't matter its just hard for me to concentrate on the track when i use the cockpit view. as for the traction control and the ABS in fact those when they are on makes me slower so its not helping me at all :rotfl:
  7. I like driving on swingman camera as I can see the corners/apexes better and I can't drive in the cockpit view
  8. No matter where you go you always seem to find this discussion several times on every racing sim forum :disapointed:
    No one view is quicker or slower than the other, yes some feel more confident on hood and some in cockpit so as it makes no difference apart from personal preference and in some cases frame rate then i say whatever floats your boat.
  9. I always look at this way. I'd rather race someone who uses swingman and have a great battle with them, than race someone forced to use cockpit view who can't tell where the limits & boundaries are and takes me off.
  10. :good:
  11. I like this reasoning the most... unless you have 3 monitors it is hard to see anything on the right side...
  12. or there is the other side of the coin where some think that forced cockpit view would give those with tracker's an unfair advantage:silly:
  13. true, in racing games (on the pc at least), someone will always have an advantage. You might as well say everyone must own a g25 and three monitors so there is no advantage
  14. I use the cockpit because im fastest on that view - i think its fair if you use a different view because it makes you a better driver as then you are more likely to enjoy it, and have some good battles.
  15. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium

    I think the argument that "cockpit view is more realistic" is a little specious when you consider you're sitting in your front room on a computer anyway. Unless you've got a Godzillatron sized screen, you're immediately limiting fields of view, telescoping perspectives etc. so it's already pretty unrealsitic. Add to that the lack of G forces etc, and arguing about what view is being used seems a bit small beer, to me.

    It's like saying "I'm pretending better than you."

    Either way, it's horses for courses, and each to their own.
  16. Either way, I think you can be as fast in one view as another, given enough time and practice to adjust your spacial awareness.

    I'm just as quick in either of the views but am more 'comfortable' in hood or nose view.
  17. I am playing on a 120' screen (304cm):rotfl: with a g25 wheel and a a playseat. It does feel pretty realistic including the g-forces:) so the hood vs the cockpit makes a huge difference. lol...
  18. Try 14 inch with just two speakers and a gamepad :p
  19. I can do about the same laptimes, with either cockpit cam or hood cam.
  20. Main reason why alot of people prefer hood view, not everyone has a 3 screen setup or a mega screen in front of them.
    Try using cockpit view on a 19" screen or a 22" widescreen like mine...you'll soon have bleeding eyes and laptimes falling cause all you see is 75% cockpit and what's left is simulating your view outside...

    Don't know if you own a car and ever raced on a track but that would compare by looking trough a postbox like you have in your door..

    Same as Stuart I guess.

    And don't get it wrong we all love to have a realistic simulation and each sim racer would definately play in cockpit mode if they had the money for a proper setup.
    But untill there are things on the market for a decent price which actually do deliver a somewhat realistic simulation and 100% of your racers use just about the same setup you can not just say...Force cockpit view! It's a bit ignorant and narrowminded if you ask Me.