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Cockpit or T-Cam

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by cockpitview, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. A racing game is meant to be played from a cockpit view. Nascar 2003 was great, same with gtr2. Both looked great from a CP view. f1 2011 doesnt quite seem to be there yet, tried it from CP view but I always seem to go back to T-Cam view. (single player). Tried a few cockpit mods here but nothing seems to satisfy me, to fussy I guess. Anybody have a favorite CP view and what do most guys use CP or T-cam view.
  2. T-cam view in formula cars, Roof view in regular cars.

    I can't see where I'm going with cockpit views. I use them just for fun, like when I'm already leading offline, but not for serious racing. And when racing online, I'm gonna take any advantage I can get.
  3. And 11/11 spring is cheating.
  4. I drive in CP view on PS3 i don't mind it's more challenging so yeah
  5. I use T-cam view, but would love to be able to use CV as it adds to the realism but for me its very hard to see the race line.
  6. Cockpitview or do you sit on your own car while driving:wink:?
  7. In F1 2010 I played the T-Cam view for 3 seasons before switching to cockpit view. It was a serious learning curve but I managed it. In F1 2011 Cockpit View is all I've used. It is harder to see ahead of you but once you've learned the racing line it actually helps you feel what the car is doing and you understand better why the turn is taken one way rather than the other.
  8. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley
    Premium Member

    Cockpit view. The out of body experience might be faster but i prefer seeing the circuit as its meant to be seen.
  9. I'm using CP without mods and i don't have visibility problems. That's all about track learning.
  10. Exactly, there seem to be lots of complaints it's still too 'arcadey' but still most people seem to use T Cam. Cockpit is best way to experience the game for me.
  11. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Interesting topic.
    In 2010 game I just could not drive cockpit. (Xbox no mods R Us). Felt like I was too short to see over my hands. Much slower than in T-Cam. One guy in our league was a real purist and only drove cockpit (and no assists even though permitted).
    Once 2011 came out I found cockpit a huge improvement. On my first test session I did lap time comparisons and to my joy I was quicker in Cockpit. I was so happy to now be able to use it.
    Very happy in cockpit view, totally used to it, getting more feel of car attitude. When I watch replays and switch camera views it just illustrates to me that in Cockpit (in my view) you are in and driving the car, T-Cam you are watching it.

    One more thing about "Racing line" assist. I leant on this for a couple of career seasons in 2010 game. Once you turn it off the game goes up a level. You find real braking markers and start driving a track rather than following a line. I got faster very quickly once switched off as I started to feel the track.
    I recommend dropping this as soon as poss, maybe just use to learn a new track-hey maybe I will use it in India and Nurburgring for 10 laps each.
    Every assist I drop lets me enjoy the racing more.
  12. Yeah that is funny, complaining "my god it is not a sim" and driving t-cam view. epic fail :D
  13. Cockpit view is NOT realistic in my opinion, but better than T-cam. Why am I seeing 2 wheels in front of my eyes - one in-game, and one, Logitech's in my hands? In rFactor I used to set my FOV really low (35-45) and I turned in-game wheel off. My monitor is like front window of my car, and that I'm finding realistic, but I haven't got Track IR or 3 screens, so it's uncomfortable, but OK, I'm racing only with myself in rF. In F1 2011 to be more competetive, I'm using cockpit view, I found me faster then with T-cam.
  14. I started the opposite to you. I'd like to get into racing sims and f1 2011 is my first attempt at a driving game. I have all aids off, I use cockpit view and I have to say i'm really finding it tough going.

    I've pretty much learned the melbourne track and can now do consistant laps although nowhere near fast as most people. For me it seems to have taken an age learning what other people call an "easy track". After reading your post maybe I should switch to tcam to learn the tracks and get used to the racing line first and then switch back to cockpit view. It would probably spoil a lot of the learning experience but then as it's my first attempt, I'm not really sure if my car setups or even my wheel settings are fine, as I have no feel and no other driving game experiences to compare to.
  15. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Yes you have it all maxed and have a vertical learning curve in front of you.
    I would agree that T-Cam and racing line for a little while to learn the layout then jump in the car.
    For those that raced in 2010 game have prob 200 laps on every circuit and the tracks are home now making learning the rest (of the game)easier. For example when I go to India and Nurburgring I will do exactly that for some laps.
    Also I recommend that you slow the AI rather than increase assists. You will learn the car faster without the numbing effect of TCS/ABS. Have fun
  16. The car doesn't drive itself in T-cam view, I assure you. Otherwise I can take my hands off the wheel/controller and watch it on autopilot.

    I've been playing racing games forever and I don't think I'll EVER drive cockpit. Not only can't I see where I'm going, its also BORING. Part of the fun in choosing different cars is getting to see your own paint job. With cockpit view, they all look the same.

    I'll leave off with this. I had the opportunity to drive a Skip Barber formula car in real life on 3 occasions. I had ZERO problems with spacial perceptions and seeing where I was going. I drive a regular car everyday and also have zero problems looking ahead.

    But in these effin' games I can't see where the eff I'm going in the cockpit views. Thats why I'll NEVER drive in the cockpit view (except for fun offline as a change of pace). If you can't handle the cockpit views in games, that doesn't mean you'll have a problem in a real car and vise-versa.


    This picture isn't even accurate at all. Its well below eye level. But the point is I can drive this no problem, but I can't use cockpit views in video games.
  17. ShadowXGold, many of us have no problem seeing where we're going in cockpit view. But I understand your point of view as that's the feeling I had when I first tried cockpit view too. It's just matter of getting used to. But even now that I'm used to cockpit view, I still go faster in T-cam view. The point here is that T-cam view gives unfair advantage. More so than 11/11 bug.

    And if it is physically possible to drive that Skip Barber Formula car in T-cam view, you will go faster too.
  18. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    MMmmmm .... Paint is exciting, but racing from the cockpit is boring ..... an interesting point of view.
  19. If you want arcade, use t.cam. If you want sim, use cockpit view. Its simple. Yes it's hard, but so is real life. Learn your tracks and learn your braking markers.

    Your choice. The game can be played by gamers and simmers.

    ps, paint is not exciting, neither is console arcade racing in my opinion. :rolleyes:
  20. thxs for input. abs-on tc medium practise,qualify and race will be set to Intermediate Cockpit view thats the way Ill play.Guess Im getting old not as fast as i once was lol. aI seems a little high on pro for me on CV .Key is getting to now the tracks. Also needs damage mod that makes it much more interesting 1.3 suits me cant just bully though other cars or youll take damage