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Co-Driver Light?

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Juen-Jen Wang, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. No sorry Juen-Jen not at this stage. The mod is a BETA release so it's going to be updated shortly. I can't confirm a light will be in the update either though. Chances are not at this stage but I could be wrong.
  2. Ok, it's not a big deal obviously but it would be cool to have the light in the WV8S endurance events. Anything to emulate real life eh? ;) But yeah do let me know if there are plans to implement it. Cause I'm a realism nut like that
  3. Even if it was in the mod, we wouldnt be able to change it.
  4. Exactly. It could be built to have it on as an Upgrade, but at this point, I would be 99% sure it would not be hot swappable in game.

    But, which would you prefer.... A light whose functions might be used in 2 events a season at max, or a detailed internal cockpit that would be used every time you drive..

    I know which one I'd prefer time to be spent on..
  5. Could you substitute the co-driver light for the headlights?

    Traditionally we race full 500 and 1000 races every year at Phillip Island and Bathurst. And we run them during the day. I'd be happy to trade headlights for a co-driver light :)
  6. mmmm Interesting out of the box thinking there Mr Browne..

    I will have to check with the modellers and find out if we can update the headlight gmt to be a small orange or green one, and have it as an Upgrade option you can select (and possibly lock for league races).

    It might not make it in to the next patch, but it has some form of merit based on the series we are replicating.