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co driver calls (german) messed up after last update

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Eckhart von Glan, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. title says it all: my co-driver calls (german) have been messed since release of version 1.0. it's only the monaco tracks, but it is extremely annoying: after about four or five turns a second, different voice gives a wrong call and from then on the original voice is two or three turns behind. happens twice or three times each stage, so by the end, the co-driver is way off. since he is still talking happily away, you get wrong calls all the time, which is worse than no calls at all in hillclimb. anyone else having the same prob.? me, i will switch to english as of tomorrow.
  2. I think they goofed something across the board as far as the co-driver audio goes. English pacenotes in Sweden, some stages the first couple turns are missing, other stages as soon as you take off, a couple random callouts will play, then it'll jump back to the correct notes.
  3. good to know you're not the only one ...
  4. nice, also gives the soudn advice to put up the visual notes until the patch is realeased which i will do tonight. thx for pointing this out.
  5. fixed with latest patch. tick off one from codie's to do list.