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Clutch Question

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by tiko90, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. Hey there,
    i always wondered why the clutch is so unrealistic in all the sims .. dont get me wrong i am not judging .. i just ask myself if its just not possible to simulate it properly or if there is just another reason that i am overseeing .. in a real car you can just slightly press the gas pedal and than slowly release the clutch to go off, but in assetto corsa and the other sims you have to go up to about 4000-5000 rpm to do so .. so does anyone know why that is the case? or why you can not simulate it properly?

    and if there is no obvious reason, cant we post this in the assetto corsa forums so maybe they can involve it in the game?

    greetings :)
  2. playing with your overall pedal travel.....the % value on the pedal bars. you can adjust where its letting the clutch in and out.
  3. William Wester

    William Wester

    Manual/clutch functionality in Project CARS works very well and realistically. If you let the clutch out VERY SLOWLY, without any throttle, you can get the car going. Unless you are going uphill :)
    After stalling the car but rolling, you can also pop-the-clutch to start.
  4. the clutch in real race cars is a lot different than in a street car. It is a LOT stiffer than a road car because the clutch plates have to press together A LOT harder to control the massive torque from the engine. Racecar clutches also have a bite point that is very high in the pedal travel, there is very little play in the pedal and little slip. It's almost like an on/off switch with a very small range where it bites.
  5. William Wester

    William Wester

    That's true (race cars - clutch) but AC has a ways to go to get closer to real clutch simulation. Heck, you can come to a "dead" stop on a hill and the cars will not even roll with clutch engaged - or in neutral. Also would be nice if there was control over ignition/starter instead of automatic start by pushing in the clutch (unless I'm overlooking this).
  6. what clutch setting would you suggest for AC? never driven a real stick so I wouldn't know what to set it to. right now 100% with no resistance does feel a bit linear.
  7. AC's engines don't really idle in a real sense, in real cars, at idle throttle, if your RPMs dip (like when you let the clutch in slowly) it adds more gas to bring the power up. I'm not really sure what AC's doing to make cars idle at a certain rpm though.

    Also it's much easier to feel the clutch engage by seat of your pants in a real car of course. You can do a low-rpm launch in sims but it's trickier to feel it happen.
  8. I believe first gear in a racing car is a little different to first gear in a normal car. In a racing car it is used as a 'driving gear' whereas in a road car it is a 'pulling away' gear. When driving on the road you do a lot of stop/start driving so you need a nice gear to pull away with. When racing you will theoretically only do that once - at the start. That's why you have to give it a lot of gas to get it off the line. Also when racing, a driver will sometimes use first going through a hairpin whereas you wouldn't do that with a road car, you would always use second. They set the ratio differently or something in order to give a greater spread of torque across the rev range.

    The cars in GSCE and rFactor Historx are the same.

    Hope that helps.
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  9. I mean the feel of the clutch itself - There is no loadcell or any tactile feedback from the pedal, and I don't like 'slamming' it to 100% to change gears in the fury of midfield (I'm hyperbolizing, but I do press it harder than any other pedal). When does a clutch 'catch' and 'release' on the average among standard cars (or race cars even, to be more precise if there's a difference in account)? 75%? 90% of the total travel? I think it would be 1)easier on me not having to make sure I bury it before I switch gears (habit from GT6 never getting it right) and 2)easier on the hardware as I'd like it to last as long I can. Oh and 3) the whole realism bit. =)
  10. You will never get any feel from the clutch pedal simply because there is no real-life clutch attached to it. It will always be all the way down, all the way up, with no discernable bite point. I believe the newest Fanatec pedals have a cam on the clutch pedal that attempts to simulate the bite point but I've no idea how well it actually works.

    As far as where the bite point should be, from my experiments on my own road car it seems to be around the 75-80% mark.
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  11. I know there's not going to be any FFB in the pedals (unless I buy another type of wheel with that feature, if I would even want to (love my g27) but I wanted to adjust that point because a) I know its not real at all and b) the brake is modulated through the corsa software as well as a decent resistance, and the accelerator has enough weight too; the RPM sounds and slip FFB are enough realism. Oh and c) I'll go through less transmissions because I'm not gearing properly. =) The clutch has 0 feeling at all.

    I guess my next question that I just thought of writing this post - is the clutch bite-point modulated through Corsa as well? sometimes I get a good shift when I've shifted poorly. I'm not sure if that's the effect of sometimes being able to change gears in AC without using the clutch, or in actuality every car *does* take this attribute into account individually.
  12. I know that the clutch is different in a race car .. i only meant the clutch of the normal street cars :) wish they would adjust this somehow .. but maybe its just not possible to do it realistically .. who knows :)
  13. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka
    The downforce is strong with this one. Premium

    They will. It is as broken right now as some other things.