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Clutch problem

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Bez, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    I seem to be able to change up and down gears in any car using a h shifter without the need to use the clutch, the only time the clutch seems to work is to prevent stalling.
    Is there a setting I need to change in a json file or is this simply how the clutch works (or doesn't work) in rf2?
  2. I think that's the kind of clutch of racing cars even. I do not know, but I think it's not exactly a failure of the developer or an option, I think that is because it is as it should be. It also bothered me in the SCE, but got used to it and do not think anymore a problem. If you happen to find a better solution, let us know, please!
  3. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    Found a thread on Isi forum where people have been requesting full clutch implementation since 2012
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  4. Clutch is also useful on standing starts.
  5. I've been reading the Skip Barber book, and the book says it's not unusual for some drivers not to use the clutch when shifting up. He quotes one driver as saying it puts additional wear and tear on the clutch, which could encourage it's premature failure. There's also drivers (I believe Danny Sullivan was one who was quoted in the book) as saying he didn't use it on the downshift; he just timed it properly so he downshifted when the rpms hit the proper level. On my G27, even though the clutch is analog and the adjustment display box shows it increasing gradually when depressing the pedal, it really doesn't "kick in" until it's fully depressed. There's really no clutch slippage.
  6. Slippage depends on the car you're driving. Cars representing cermetallic clutches will not have slippage. Cars representing organic clutches (like street cars) have slippage.

    You can also adjust clutch sensitivity for the pedal action.
  7. Aha. I hadn't looked at that for a while. Now I see that how the max and min in combination with the sensitivity works. Now I can get to clutch to engage where I am more comfortable having it engage rather than pressed to the firewall. When it was set to engage at the firewall (we'll call that 100 percent), most of the time I didn't press it far enough so it was essentially like I wasn't using the clutch at all. Now I have it adjusted to 25% and that changes things a lot so it's back to the training track. Thank you for making me revisit this setting.