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Clutch over-heat/wear?

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by Satoru Ohno, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    If I don't shift the gears without pressing the clutch, it will be got damaged or over-heat? (penalty?)
    I wondering that because I'm not familiar with gMotor2 based sim.

    Of course I'm driving with H-pattern shift and 3 pedals.
  2. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    unless rieza have made a change to the base isi physics the clutch isnt really modelled / except being on/off and various stages between lots of people dont use the clutch at all except for the start . some people run auto clutch on some run it off , running it off means you can stall , but very few if any mods(if any) create gearbox/wear/damage from not using it . There is an addon thats the grinding tranny mod for rfactor that makes shifting harder without clutch but i dont know if this works on reiza games

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  3. it does. the out of the box sound does not seem right though.
  4. Thank you all:)
  5. there was an update for the sound which sounded much better, I'm using it for HistorX, but for GSC and FT there should be made some subsequential changes to it.
  6. In all honesty, I wouldn't recommend the grinding tranny mod to anyone. It's annoying and way to tempremental.

    What is lost in sims that try to model mis-shifts is that to make a mis-shift isn't a hard or easy thing to do, it just happens sometimes. On some sims is a very finite line between a successful gear change and going into neutral [mis-shift], the majority of the time if your not 100% pressed on the clutch, the gear change won't be successful, which realistically speaking is wrong.

    You can, in reality change gears with out the clutch fully depressed and you can also change gear without a clutch at all by using rev matching. Infact the majority of gear changes on the road will not be done with a fully [100%] depressed clutch. They will be somewhere between 80-95%
  7. Grinding tranny does not require you to floor clutch pedal. In fact, I believe there is a setting for this in the plugin's INI file, although I might be wrong. It does not specifically require you to use clutch for gear changes either; it rather seems to depend on the vehicle. For example, I usually can upshift above 2nd without a clutch on NZ SuperTourers in rFactor, although admittedly can't in Formula Truck.

    I agree that lack of feedback in the clutch pedal and shifter makes it all a bit artificial, yet still better than nothing for me.
  8. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    In my experience, Grinding Tranny works quite well, but I don't use it for FTruck. I tend to force myself to shift 'slowly' as it is done with these heavy gearboxes. You can adjust the clutch 'required' for a shift in the Grinding Tranny plugin, as well as rev match %, so you don't have to match perfectly.
  9. Well I didn't know that you could configure it like that. :x3:
  10. look at the GrindingTranny.ini. In my opinion is a must have with cars with H shifter in gmotor based games, if you have the necessary skill you can also change gear without press the clutch but matching revs between engine and axis, something like that, english is not my mother language but I think you have understood
  11. I can rev-match without the clutch in every cars I've ever driven that use a H-Shifter (Haven't got FTruck though), Corvette, Supra, HistorX, Spec Miata, FVee, etc...