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Clutch - F3 FReiza and F Classic

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Roberto Costa, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, im trying to get used to all the cars in the game but there's something i need help.
    Its been some years that i don't play a real SIM like this, but as always, im using no assits at all. Also because i want to join leagues and i hope the assists are banned.
    So, there's only one thing that is not good for me, the Clutch. Im using the dead zone at 2% and sensitivity at 50% (Logitech G27) but looks like the clutch only works when its 80% pressed, its like works from 80% to 100% anything below this and it seems its not working.

    Also, let me ask you...

    For Stock Cars and Formula Classic i should use the clutch and the manual shifter (not the one on the wheel) right?
    F1 i know it changes gears using the shifter behind the wheel, and no clutch at all, is F3 the same? For Formula Reiza and Formula 3 may i use automatic clutch for leagues and online championships?

  2. Nobody? Guess i'll have to improve my skills with the H shifter then.
    Im still curious about the F3, is like F1 or Formula Classic?
    By the way, the clutch is good now, except when im leaving the pits on Practice/Qualifying.
  3. F3 uses Sequential Stick just like the Stock Car. :)
  4. Thanks Ivo!!!
    So i´ll try the H shifter for Classic, the other ones i´ll use the wheel shifter. :)
  5. Stock and F3 = sequential
    F1 = paddle
    Classic = H pattern

    As for the clutch, try to reduce the "range" option in the clutch axis properties on the Logitech profiler. I'm using the G25, and this works pretty well in any game.
  6. Thanks!
    Im using paddle for Stock/F1/F3 and H to Classic. I haven't found this axis properties for the clutch on Logitech profiler, weird thing is that i can found it for the brake, throttle and wheel. But i did some changes inside GSC and now it appears to be better than it was before.