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Clubsport V2 Pedals settings

Discussion in 'GRID Autosport' started by Dynamiix, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. I'm struggling to find the right settings- IN GAME - for the brake pedal, it's difficult due to the loadcell, and not being able to press fully down. And it only works best when you press the brake pedal fully down, atm it only goes about 75%, and i'm not sure what settings to change for the brake pedal to make 75% force 100% force. I may need to change the brake saturation, but im not sure. If anyone could help that would be grateful!

  2. I have a set of CSR Elites with load cell. If you want them more sensitive meaning you want them lock up quicker you change the brake saturation setting in the controls menu. Higher is more sensitive.
  3. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore

    I think the little screw is not tight at the back of the break peddle , there is a magnet back there ,I had this problem before --- break would only go 75% , this will fix that .
  4. Did you try changing the sensitivity of the load cell or is it working fine in other racing games but just not sensitive enough in GRID Auto?