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Clubsport v1 or v2 pedals

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Adam Gough, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone, currently pieceing together my simulator, so far i only have the GT3 V2 wheel im looking for a set of pedals, am i best getting the V2 clubsports or would i be better of saving some money with the V1? or if any are there any better alternatives?

  2. V2 all the way, V1's will be Rather Old by now with Lots of hours of use.
  3. ahhh that's ok then I'll steer clear of V1's

    I'll keep and eye out for some V2's
  4. If saving money is important then have a look at the CSR Elite pedals, great value pedals imo. But if I where to buy a set today I'd go for the v2s
  5. I currently have the V2's and am quite happy with them so far.
  6. ill hold out for some v2s but i am itching to get a complete setup, if a set of v1s come along at right price i will go for them.

    out of curiosity what do second hand v2s fetch, seen a pair go last week on ebay for 165 ish. is that about right?
  7. Thats a Great deal, I paid 200 for mine from a Very well known Community member and essentially got a Brand new set aside from being mounted to his rig once and tested for a day or 2.
  8. managed to get a used set of V2s all i need now is a shifter and some form of rig.
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  9. Pick up a Pair of Mugen shocks too, and Ditch the crap tastic stock shock.
  10. What mugwn shocks? Do they fit straight on or require modding?
  11. Mugen shocks are from a electric touring car if I'm on the same lines, I have some Schumacer MI2 spares lieing around maybe a shock from that will fit.
  12. No no no, These are 1/8 shocks.

    Here's a current link


    MIGHT require a tiny amount of modification. Ive had guys who didn't need to and some that did. So its questionable if you'll need to do anything extra.

    Here'a what Might need to be done if anything.


    The stock shock will also have a decent wear spot where it will show you what needs to be trimmed down. The ONLY other thing i can suggest is to either Twist the stand off the little pin goes through, OR you can shave the plastic Bushing thats in the shock cap to clear the hole.

    You can see in this picture how the pin is Right up against the plastic bushing, I have since twisted the Stand off and centered it. But either or will work. I just suggest using BIG HONKIN Plyer's as to not mar up the back side of the stand off.

    Ive also had a few member's who didn't want to mess with the stand off/shave the plastic bushing and run the Stock Little pin. I DO NOT Suggest this. Steel on Aluminum like the stock shock is NOT ideal and the shock cap WILL wear out over time. With the plastic bushing it will take YEARS of racing to wear out.


    Oh and any question's, BY all means fire away.

    YES i run a different spring than what comes with the mugen shock, I run a Kyosho spring thats not exactly cheap at 15$ a pair. Part # can be supplies if needed.
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  13. Also one more thing, One Major complaint i always hear about the Brake is the extra travel before making contact with the load cell, Making a "technical dead zone" in the brake.

    Well for starter's One of the biggest improvements to the Pedals without spending a Single penny would be to move the Pivot arm UP one hole from stock. So 2nd down from top or 3rd up from bottom.

    This will essentially eliminate that dead zone and combined with the mugen shock is Pure nirvana. Seriously i was Taken back by HOW BIG of difference a simple pivot change like that made.

    Next can be near free pending the material you have laying around And this is strictly for Heel toe brakers.

    Uninstall your brake pedal face and take that black angled spacer and find something roughly 1/2 the thickness or close to, Cut to size, Drill and install to bring the brake pedal Face forward by 1/2 or 3/4" This will essentially allow you to properly modulate the brake without having your other 1/2 your foot bleed into the throttle when you dont want it to when heel toe'ing.
  14. I upgraded to Mugen shock a month ago and think it's a great mod!