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Clubsport Brake Pedal Mod Kit

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by David Struve, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. I looking to see what kind of interest there might be for a kit to convert the Clubsport Pedal V1 Brake to something very similar to the V2 pedals.

    Since Thomas has said there wouldn't be a upgrade kit for whatever reason, I decided to give it a shot. I had seen a few people online that had drilled and tapped there pedals to allow for the oil filled shock, however I didn't really like the idea of permanently modifying my pedals. Thankfully I own a small 3d printer and figured I could design and print something that would be simple to install. Anyways I did just that, here is the final product.


    As you can see I produced a bracket that slips over the brake adjustment dial bracket and on the other end there is a plug that fits into one of the holes on the side of the brake pedal. You literally just pull the knob off the dial and remove the nut on the dial. Takes about 5 mins to install.

    So with all that said I'm trying to get an idea of what sort of interest there might be. I don't imagine there is huge interest for this, so kits would be 3d printed like mine. Currently I'm estimating about $50 per kit, if I did pre-orders I could order a bunch of the shocks from china and probably knock another $10 or so off of that.

    Let me know what you think.

    Update: I've gotten some interest on other sim forums, so if your are really interested fill out this quick form so you can be notified as things progress.

    Update 2: OK so we have gathered some good interest so far. I believe as of this morning there were 22 people on the mailing list. If you haven't put your name on the list, you will not be part of the first batch.

    Here's a run down of what is going on. I've started sourcing the hardware and shocks. I will keep this mailing list up till the end of the month. I'm guessing the initial run will be about 50 kits. I am going to try and ship everywhere I can, but they will be going out USPS. This kinda sucks for you guys in europe, since it will take longer to arrive, but the shipping other wise would be a killer. If you want to pay extra to ship it fedex, that will be your option.

    I'm going to post up a pic of the bracket itself today, so that everyone understands what they will be getting. 3d printing of this type does not produce a glossy product. So if you are expecting a piece that is finished and looks like it came out of a mold, you are mistaken. The piece is extremely durable and 100% functional, but just doesnt have the overall polish of a factory produced product.

    So first week of January I will start taking actual pre-orders, then kits will begin shipping shortly after that. But you will not be eligable for a pre-order unless you are on the list.

    Update 3: Instruction video can be found here. http://youtu.be/YBwrgZN45XI

    Update 4: All Orders Have Shipped. I've setup a new preorder on my site, with a ship date of end of March. Need a minimum of 10 orders to complete the next preorder.
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  2. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka
    The downforce is strong with this one. Premium Member

  3. Actually yours was one of the posts I read, when I was figuring this out.
  4. Ok here are a couple close ups of the main bracket. You can see the layered effect the 3d printer produces. However this really isnt noticeable unless under harsh light and your looking for it. But without the 3d printer, I doubt anyone would bother making this, so it's a necessary sacrifice.

  5. Not being rude, but from what I can see, the angled gussets don't really add any real strength to the design since most (if not all) of the load is parallel to the upright.

    That said, a simple angled bracket could easily acheive the same result at much less cost.

    With the shock being available on Ebay for only $10 for 2, then I think this could be made for a lot less..

    Cudos though for a well though out proto..

    EDIT: Looking at my own CS pedal, I think even just a simple flat 'upright' plate in the order of 1.2mm - 1.5mm thickness that is bolted (using the original bolts) between the CS base and the potentiometer bracket would work.
  6. Actually the the angled gussets do add overall structural strength. They were not intended to prevent the load from the shock, but instead to add strength to prevent the upright from ever breaking should it be impacted from the side. I don't want a bunch of complaints about broken parts

    The whole goal here was to make something that didn't require any modification to the pedals themselves and could easily be reproduced and installed. And while a angled bracket might get the job done, it will require finding an attachment point.

    As for the shock, please send me a link to these $10 shocks. The cheapest I've found a 105mm piggyback shock was $22 for the pair from china with $20 in shipping. Yes you can make something for less, but your not taking into account, what it costs to run the printer, and most of all my time. My goal isn't to get rich, but just get paid for the time into it.
  7. Sorry David.. I didn't mean this to come across as if I was poo pooing the idea.. I am very interested in your work..

    My point about the gussets is that I'd be surprised if you'd see any (or much) side load and therefore a simpler design may suffice? If that was the case, then it could potentially be a simple, laser cut 3mm plate (which would have ample strength for side loading) and a couple of longer bolts to hold the potentiometer bracket and 'your' bracket in place.

    As for the cheaper shockers - my (Ebay) link has expired but I've certainly seen them on there for around $10 for a pair + a couple of bucks shipping. I'll look now and see if I can find anything comparable and get back to you..

    I't's a great project either way and I hope you get it off the ground..

    I am interested in what is the upgrade 'feeling' like once it's in place? Does it add realism to the brake pedal feel?
  8. No worries. There are a number of ways that this could be done. I just happen to own a 3d printer, so thats what I have easily available. Otherwise the laser would have been a great idea.

    As of earlier today I believe I've got 32 people interested in purchasing kits, so it will be moving forward. I've already printed 24 of the brackets. Now its just a matter of finding the shocks at a decent price.
  9. Tomas Reinicke

    Tomas Reinicke
    Premium Member

    Can someone share the eBay link for the shock, I'm thinking of building a handbrake and a shock may be used somehow
  10. Sorry but this will be a bit off topic. I'm a bit confused because your pedals look a bit different than mine, which I suspect is just a matter of mine being a newer version. But yours has a vibration motor on the brake pedal, mine doesn't, is this something you've added yourself?

    Here's a pic of how mine look: [​IMG]
  11. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka
    The downforce is strong with this one. Premium Member

    You have CSR Elite pedals and these are ClubSport pedals. ;)
  12. Hmm ok, have these been away from the shelves for a while then? When I ordered mine I could see only the CSR and the elites, but the v2 clubsports where due to release soon then so maybe they where taken off the store. Bummer, I like the look of those more ><
  13. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka
    The downforce is strong with this one. Premium Member

    Well, they may look better but they are sometimes nightmare to solve squealing. They should have used better bushings.
  14. Signed up for one of these bad boys. Thanks for sharing and not just making me aware of my lack of modding skills like all the other modders out there:p
  15. Pre-orders have started, if you havnt already subscribe to the mailing to get the link for pre-orders
  16. Only 4 kits remaining. Pre-Order closes on tuesday the 1st.
  17. A bit off topic, but does anyone know where I can download the drivers for the CSP's?
    I have the V1.
  18. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini
    Premium Member

    64 bit drivers
    32 bit drivers
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  19. Peter, I notice that Fanatec have a new website which now includes all of the needed downloads for their products.

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