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Club Sport Wheel v2 Base Settings

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Chris Partridge, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Hi -- would be grateful for people's settings - both in game and on the wheel - with the v2 base and the carbon formula rim. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Richard Charles

    Richard Charles
    Premium Member

    Would like to see some settings also.....
  3. I hate dampers, so I run without it

    SEN: OFF
    FF: 100
    SHO: 100
    ABS: OFF
    LIN: OFF
    DEA: OFF
    DRI: 4 3
    FOR: 100
    SPR: 0
    DPR: 0

    DRI is a personal choice, most of people is a 2, but there is some at 2 or 4
  4. Robin

    Premium Member

    Mine is pretty much the same, but I am fiddling with DRI.
    Ran on 3 for quite some time, but I am beginning to find it too light.
    Have driven for two days on DRI OFF and I am not sure what I like better yet.

    In game FFB is set to linear.

    The MX5 about 20 strength.
    The Z4 about 18.
    But this depends on your DRI setting e.g. the amount of dampening still present.
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  5. rocafella1978

    Premium Member

    hi all, I am completely new to the PC, started with AC, now i am moving to all the genre's games to test it all out, but i am lost in wheel settings. so my request kindly goes out to all those pro's, experienced and knowledgeable racers out here in RD. what would you recommend for me to setup for my CSW V2 + CSP V2 (with shock modified/ upgraded).
    thank you all for your help in advance. (and apologies in advance for blunt and amateur post asking for settings!)
  6. hope this helps or at the least gets you started.
    I'm using Drivers 219 and Firmware 094

    Fanatec Driver settings:
    Wheel at 900 Degrees
    Dampening strength at 100

    Wheel settings:
    SEN = Aut
    FFB = 100
    SHO = 100
    ABS = Off
    Lin = Off
    DEA = Off
    Dri = 3 (if I understand correctly setting 3 is equivalent to OFF for Dri?)
    FOR = 100
    SPR = Off
    DPR = Off

    iracing game:
    FFB Strength = 10 (of course this will vary with car, track, and fanatec wheel - consider this more a starting point and adjust to your liking)

    Minimum Force = 2% (same as FFB Strength comment - adjust to your liking)

    Linear mode is unchecked

    FFB Dampening = 0.00 (this overrides the driver setting of 100 so I am using no dampening in iracing)
  7. After several weeks with CSW V2 I don't feel fully comfortable yet.
    My set up is similar to the ones above.
    I wonder what is the best for linear mode: checked or not?

    (Édit: I forgot to mention "linear")
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