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Club Sport Wheel Settings for F1 2012 The Game

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Rodriggo, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Didn't find one but I'd thought I start one for any other users to discuss.

    CSW Base and F1 Wheel.

    My first question is:

    "Does anyone else get a "snap" after a hairpin? At Monaco or Suzuka....I'm holding the wheel pretty far left and when I start bringing it back right...I get a noticable snap feel on the wheel. It's not completely disorienting but it is annoying.

    Anybody else experience this and figure out a work around?

    My settings in-game:

    Linearity 2% Dead Zone 2%
    Weight 50% FF 100% Enviro 50%

    Wheel settings:

    SEN 280 FF100 SHO 30 FOR 200 SPR 50 DPR 0

    My second question is:

    Has anyone figured out how to eliminate the force feedback deadzone in the first couple of degrees on the wheel proper? (independent of the in-game settings) Essentially, is there a way to get the wheel to feel very tight and eliminate any "looseness" when at 0 degrees or center position?

    THANKS! :O_o:
  2. Hey

    For your first question is no. I actually use one of the FFB mods from this forum, I am not sure which though but its one where there are like 8 options and I choose one of the realistic (even though its not really) ones which gives a very smooth feeling to the wheel and there are no snaps of any sort and just gets stiffer the more you turn.

    Settings I use in game are 0% for everything but 10% and 20% on brakes I think with the cspv2. Then Weight 0% FF 100% Enviro 10%(its low but curbs on this game suck anyway but look more interesting next year)

    On wheel settings are SEN 330 FF 60 usually(50 if I am tired, 70 or 80 if I feel like I can) SHO 0 FOR 100 SPR 0 DPR 0.

    Seems you use something alot stronger than I do but at 100 FF my arms are dead after 1 lap so I keep mine lower for long races. 330 degrees gives an almost 1:1 ratio with the in-game wheel but I know some people like it lower.

    The second question is no not really. I think its just something with the game tbh as I had it on my G27 as well I think. Its not too bad though.

    Have any other questions feel free to ask. I have been using these settings for like 9 months since I got the wheel last November

    EDIT: oh and also I think frame rate has an effect on FFB too which is massively dumb, so if you are over 100 turn up your settings or cap it because sometimes it can have a mind of its own.
  3. Hello CSW brother.;) Thanks for the feedback, good stuff.

    Is the FFB mod you use the Venom one?

    I like to "fight" the wheel a little bit and this thing can take it, maybe that's why I go 100 FF and 200 FOR. I think the "snap" is actually related to SPR but I like it at 50 b/c of the feel I get. Higher is too hard and lower is too light. I remember playing with the DRI at like -3 and the deadzone was gone but the wheel made a noise that made me nervous so I thought it wasn't worth it.

    Yeah, wheel settings are so subjective. Everybody is different...some people don't like FFB at all which is weird to me.

    Maybe a stupid question but are the CS Pedals worth it? I'm on G25s with the converter.

    I did recently upgraded to CSL Seat....amazing. Makes higher FFB more manageable because your effort/actions are so focused...little wasted movement.
  4. Yeah I think so. It was one of the ones I tried but I also tried several.

    With the G27 using the spring was needed however when I got my csw I found it wasn't required and honestly I never felt like the setting did anything but I could be wrong because this game has very few FFB effects.

    Not sure what converter you use but the csp are certainly much better than the default G27 pedals. I know the reviews go on about how good the brakes are but I honestly found the throttle to be the best thing about it, its just so smooth.

    For most of the year as was on a desk and office chair but now just in the last few weeks have improved my seating situation so I am now way more comfortable when driving which may actually let me ramp up the FFB because my arms don't ache as much which is good, so I will try new settings when 2013 is out.
  5. Hmm Well i have tried many settings for mines i have came to these i find the best. in game settings are.
    Steering Deadzone 0
    Steering Saturation 68
    Steering Linearity 5
    Rest of the settings on this page are all 0.

    And for in game Force Feedback.
    Environmental Effects 0
    Feedback Strength 100
    Wheel Weight 0 For me with the F1 rim its that light that 0 is the best setting.

    And the Settings on the wheel it`s self are.
    Sen off
    FF 100
    Sho 0
    Abs 0
    Lin 0
    Dea 0
    Dri 0
    For 140
    Spr 0
    Dpr 0

    Fanatec Driver settings.
    Wheel Angle 900
    Damper 0
  6. Wow, that's so different. :)

    My base malfunctioned will give yours a go when I get it back.
  7. I bet it was your motors thats what happened to me after 3 weeks after i got it :p
    Instead of sending back to Germany, i was asked to send it to London only took 2 days so it was quick. And i got a refund for the P&P.
  8. just curious, how'd it run when you got it back? I got mine initially in November, so it lasted me almost a year. :/
  9. Hmmm, I got mine in November too. I have had about 200 hours of track time too. I hope it will last alot longer. The only issue I have the is the window on top is flush with the back ridge on the right but not on the left but not a big deal at all.
  10. Probably due to some hard racing. :)

    Yeah, honestly I'm surprised how little it lasted considering I don't play everyday and I take care of my stuff....the real downside of PC gaming is the hardware....1 dead rig and and one dead wheel in less than a year for me.
  11. Mines been running better since i got it back smoother.
  12. thats awesome
  13. Got my repaired base back yesterday (10 days after I sent it), they told me the motors had failed on mine as well. Hopefully they won't for a while now, back to racing. :)