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PC Club Racing Formula Abarth

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Stuart Pickering, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys,

    The EU club racing seems to be all about the F1 mod cars. We had a formula Abarth race at Donnington some weeks back with a full grid and many others on the reserve list.
    Everyone raced clean, are we going to be having anymore Formula Abarth club races at all ???????
  2. Stelios

    Premium Member

    Too many cars to choose from man ! :D
  3. I have settled on the Abarth, great car for both rookies and more advanced sim drivers. The Monday night race with max turn out suggests it would be a very good league. I wish there was more club events with this car on EU servers.
  4. Nope, the EU racing Club is not at all 'all about F1 cars'. We had plenty of variety in the last three months. From GT2/GT3 to many 599/ZondaR events, Street cars, Supercars, Exos S1, niche vehicles and the F_abarth as well.
    The latter one is already featured in the Aus league.

    The EU organizers are fully aware of the frequency of certain cars/combinations and we're always looking to balance them out over the long term.
  5. AUS league, I have seen it, I live in the UK, I have wished them well as it will be a cracking league for them. the last two weekends have been all about F1 with a tiny splattering of other race types. imo

    You have featured the formula Abarth v other cars on track, only once i can see has it been the only car on grid.

    I am only asking it to feature more within the club racing events.
  6. I would welcome formula Abarth as well :)
  7. Herbie

    Premium Member

    I also enjoyed this race (Abarth at Donnington) very much. I like the Tatuus but ...actually I like all the cars in AC :) Also the X-Box or X-Bow vs. 2-11 were fun races always! Also the E30 DTM yesterday looks very fun judging from the videos :)
    I have the feeling that with the open wheelers you need more setup skill to be competitive (i know club is not about that) and i don´t have time nor skill in that :D

    I think the club looked crowed with F1 because there is the practice sessions and the race. But people liked that format very much as far is a know!
    Unfortunately there is no second server to run other races at these days but on the other hand as far as i know, experience showed that there are (at the moment) not enough people to populate 2 servers...

    Anyway I always liked the diversity of the club races and i am sure this will be continued by staff :thumbsup:
    So there will be Abarth again and also X-Bow and i am also waiting for the Mini cooper mod to be released ;)
    Don´t worry!!:barefoot:

    Maybe, if we get the 1.0 RC soon and it really is this huge step what i hope and think, more people will come here to race. Then maybe also enough people are here for 2 servers (if resources for it are given)!
  8. I like the Formula Abarth, is a fun car to drive. I would also like to see some Formula 3 races once the F3 mod gets fine tuned. I do not know how both of these car compares against each other.

    We have a Abarth race tonight on the US server, not sure the schedule time would be adequate for all.
  9. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Abarth :inlove:
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