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Club Races

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Dave Begley, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley

    With the release of GSC 2012, there were never enough places available for everyone that wanted to race in the Club Events.

    Now only a few weeks later its getting hard to find more than 8 or 9 peolpe to sign up.

    Are there any suggestions as to what car track combinations and days that would change this downturn.

    Myself and Scott will appreciate any feedback you give.
  2. Perhaps the novelty factor has worn off or people are enjoying the warmer weather. Either way it is not so much fun racing with just a handful on the track.

    Personally I would like to see longer (50 minute races) making a pit stop necessary and adding some strategy.

    Tracks like Interlagos with the chicane would be more challenging too, especially with those V8's.
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  3. I´ll hopefully be signing up for some club races come autumn, need to get the game and get to know it offline a wee bit first. :)
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  4. For me it's down to a couple of things....

    1. I have about 4 hours give or take for sim racing per week. As i'm involved in the F3 league atm that takes up all that time. Once the league is finished i think you'll find peeps will come back :) It's still a great game!
    2. After the league i'm hoping that we have some variety with the tyre wear in the club races. What i mean is increase the tyre wear 2, 3 or even 4 times so ALL have to pit once or twice at least. That would be fun imo and club races are for fun right? Maybe even a wet race (haven't tried that yet).

    @ Mitch, unfortunately a 50 minute race does not guarantee a pit stop. The majority in the current league don't pit at all and they're 50 minutes long :confused: I agree with you about bringing strategy into play more.
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  5. I think with the warm weather and holidays people are rather outside then behind there simracing rig. I still think its a great game and im sure grids will fill up again when normal life resumes again.
    Also you have to take in mind that there are so many racing sims available these days that people have to much choice, so you might see more busy/less busy periods in every sim and thats nothing to worry about.

    I would love to see the races a bit longer like Mitch mentioned or maybe start a bit longer league ( 8 races) At the end of September. Take in mind the real life v8 schedule and use that to make something nice:)
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  6. Frank Steinbach

    Frank Steinbach

    Just got back into simracing and will join as many clubevents as possible as long as the working schedule and even more importantly my wife allows.
    Maybe with the exception of the modern F1 cars, as those hold absolutely no interest for me.

    A number of 8-9 racers per race doesn´t sound too shabby considering the summer season.
    There is always somebody to race with during the events and without the uber seriousness of these races that was some good fun.
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  7. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley

    Thx for the feedback guys, some good ideas there.

    keep it comming :)
  8. Formula 1 on Saturday?
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  9. Well, I think the current format of club races is fine. Thirty minutes races are just enough for a club event and honestly I don't think that involving strategy would be more fun. That's what leagues are about but in the case of club events I don't think strategy is that important. I'd do accept a 2x tire wear setting, maybe we could try it out in the near future.
    Personally I'm really interested only in the V8s, I don't really pay attention to the other classes found in the game.
    I also think that at the end of the summer things will calm down, and we will (hopefuly) see more participants in club races.
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  10. feedback is welcome ofcourse, it would definetely be interesting to see 2x or 3x tyre wear , just to spice things up.

    also Bjorn, the commitment for leagues is not even good for a 4 round championship, a longer one would make me scared if im honest with you :) , quite a few don't bother turning up or stating their absence, (that's all we ask for) but it's to hard for some.

    anyway this is about club races. :)
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  12. Are the F1 calendar tracks all available for GSC ?
  13. nope, but the Brazilian tracks cetainly make a challenge for them :)
  14. I think there's to much club races, this week there's races on day's 23,24,25 and today. Two per week would be enough and you should avoid Wednesdays, because SRE is also running their races at that day.
  15. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    It's always nice to have plenty of races available IMO.

    Especially for people like me who have flexible work commitments. I can't always race the same night each week, and would rather race here than elsewhere when I do.

    Things always slow down at this time of year. Its a sun, sea, sand, beer thing I think.
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  16. F1 season!? :)
  17. there are no f1 tracks on GSC apart from Interlagos, they are illegal tracks converted over, RD does not host them on the servers, part of our policy.
  18. I think Chris means the normal GSC tracks.
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  19. :roflmao: Yes I did.
  20. I gave up trying mostly because I keep getting connection lost on the RD servers, for RF, GTL and GSC.
    it's strange because I have no problems with Iracing or LFS, also in some servers on GSC my connection is more stable... now yesterday I was able to put some 5 laps on Nurburgring without any problem later in the day (and while my connection was busy uploading other files!), but when I tried earlier it was loosing connection all the time... hard problem to understand, but unfortunately means I'm not really trying the club races anymore...