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Club RACE 07 - WTCC Endurance Barcelona - Monday July 28th 2008

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by RaceDepartment, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. RaceDepartment

    Administrator Staff


    Servername: www.RaceDepartment.com
    Class: 18 WTCC 2006 cars + 7 Mini Coopers
    Track: Barcelona click here to download
    Password: click here
    Sign up: Mandatory - See car schedule
    Start: - Practice 19.00 GMT - Qualification 19.30 GMT - RACE 20.00 GMT
    Duration: 90 minutes race

    Special Notes:
    1. Please reconsider twice before you sign up. This is only for the real endurance junkies that want to do longer races including pitstops. People that join, and leave the server before the end of the race should not sign up. If you sign up you cannot report your absense anymore and we expect you to come.
    2. The field will represent all cars that run in the 2006 WTCC + Mini Challenge. If you choose a car that already is selected by someone we will assign you another car. To avoid that please read the replies carefully!
    3. No custom skins and try to avoid driving in the same livery as the rest. A diverse field will be the result for the first time!
    1. BMW E90: Anthony Hilton
    2. BMW E90: Sol Leung
    3. BMW E46: Yves Larose
    4. BMW E46: James Yates
    5. Seat Leon: Ludwig Ghidi
    6. Seat Leon: Sébastien Poidevin
    7. Seat Toledo Cupra: Chris Noble
    8. Seat Toledo Cupra: William Yunck
    9. Chevrolet Lacetti: Simon Trendell
    10. Chevrolet Lacetti: Driver
    11. Alfa Romeo 156: Christopher Aponte
    12. Alfa Romeo 156: Wido Rossen
    13. Alfa Romeo 156 GTA: Peter Böszörményi
    14. Alfa Romeo 156 GTA: Michael Sharpe
    15. Honda Accord Euro R: Deslug
    16. Honda Accord Euro R: Nigel Atkins
    17. Peugeot 407: Driver
    18. Peugeot 407: Driver
    19. Mini Cooper: Andreas Löffler
    20. Mini Cooper: Warren Dawes
    21. Mini Cooper: David Garcia
    22. Mini Cooper: Keith Peppiatt
    23. Mini Cooper: Gary Lennon
    24. Mini Cooper: Driver
    25. Mini Cooper: Driver
    Copy and paste this sign up form, and fill in your details. First read all the posts above you including this toppost

    Real Name: Replace this text
    Ingame Name: Replace this text
    Prefered Car: Replace this text, see toppost for available cars
  2. Real Name: Ludwig Ghidi
    Ingame Name: Ludwig Ghidi
    Prefered Car: Seat leon 06
  3. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    Real Name: Yves Larose
    Ingame Name: Yves Larose
    Prefered Car: BMW E46

    i have a question, is it possible to use a custom skin ?
  4. Strongy cant you read :) point number 3 No custom skins and try to avoid driving in the same livery as the rest. A diverse field will be the result for the first time!
  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    That line was added after his question, so he can read but we can't write :pound:
  6. Real Name: Peter Böszörményi
    Ingame Name: Peter Böszörményi
    Prefered Car: Alfa Romeo 156 GTA - J. Janák
  7. Real Name: Rick Klomp
    Ingame Name: Deslug
    Prefered Car: Honda Accord Euro R
  8. oh sorry strongy :(
  9. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    :pound: bram, i knew it wasn't there when i signed it, i'm getting old but not that old yet lol
  10. Im tempted to race in a mini but not to sure might be trying out my new tennis rackets
  11. You say no custom skins, so i presume we cannot use the FD ones either?
  12. Real Name: Nigel Atkins
    Ingame Name: Nigel Atkins
    Prefered Car: Honda Accord Euro R
  13. Real Name: Michael Herrmann
    Ingame Name: Michael Herrmann
    Prefered Car: BMW Mini Cooper S (sponsor:Castrol/Driver:Teuchert
  14. Real Name: James Yates
    Ingame Name: James Yates
    Prefered Car: BMW E46
  15. Real Name: Christophe Berton
    Ingame Name: Christophe Berton
    Prefered Car: Mini Cooper
  16. i'd totally be up for this if i didn't haveta endure a 90 minute vulcan-death-grip on a 360 controller.... my poor tendons couldn't take it... ordering a wheel tomorrow... so if you run another one somewhen, i'm there... :)
  17. Real Name: Anthony Hilton
    Ingame Name:Anthony Hilton
    Prefered Car:BMW e90 Zanardi
  18. Real Name: Warren Dawes
    Ingame Name: Warren Dawes
    Prefered Car: Mini Cooper - No.4 Remo Frieberg

    Why not, haven't driven a MINI in ages so by the end of 90 mins I should remember. Besides, Michael and Christophe need some support in this class.
  19. Real Name: Chris Noble
    Ingame Name: Chris Noble
    Prefered Car: Seat Toledo Cupra
  20. Yea Warren has signed up
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