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Club Event: 15/04 BMW Concept 1 Series tii '07 @ Nurburgring GP

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by Sakis Politis, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]
    Date: Tuesday 22nd April, 7.30PM GMT, 8.30AM NZDST (New Zealand Daylight Savings Time)
    Car: BMW Concept 1 Series tii '07
    Track: Nurburgring GP
    Track Settings: Grip Reduction: Real
    Laps: 3x4 Laps
    Tyres: Sports Hard (SH)
    PP: No Tuning (Stock)
    Tuning: Prohibited (Not allowed)
    Aids: ABS: 1, Driving Line

    Standard RD rules apply:
    I will be hosting the event so you will need to send me a friend request on PSN. My PSN ID is
    You don't need to be a licensed member to take part in the event.

    To sign up, post a comment below with your name and PSN.

    Entry List
    1- Sakis Politis (FatherDiomedes)
    2- Rui F. Martins
    3- Richard Coleman
    4- Connor Caple

    The BMW Concept 1 is an enhanced version of the 135i Coupé featuring new aerodynamics, more horsepower and improved response. Its lightweight structure provide excellent cornering ability with minimum understeer. The RWD layout together with the Sport Hard compound may be tricky and the car tends to "bite" when exiting the low-speed corners of the Nurburgring GP. So it's not only a battle of the bravest while braking but also of who makes the cleanest exit.

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    Last edited: Apr 22, 2014
  2. Rui F. Martins

    Rui F. Martins

    i'm in :thumbsup:
  3. Rui F. Martins

    Rui F. Martins

    @Sakis Politis i'm sorry but i will have to sign out, i'm going to have to practice for a league race on sunday, sorry about that :(
  4. It's ok @Rui F. Martins, no worries! The race will be cancelled or postponed after I speak with Richard!
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  5. Just postpone it. I'm home now so I'll be there.

    Hold it this Tuesday instead.
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  6. So... no practice as usual. Late night the night before... this is going to be a disasterous round for me. Ahh well.

    Rui you may finally beat me :D
  7. Rui F. Martins

    Rui F. Martins

    ahah i won0t have much time to practice either, so it migth be a close one :D
  8. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    If you don't mind me getting in the way, I'll have a go at this one. I have the 'stock' BMW Concept 1 Series tii '07 and I never changed anything on it, other than painting it yellow.

    Does the "PP - No Limit" part mean that we are allowed to upgrade the car, just not tune it - or does it mean no upgrades when it says 'No Tuning Allowed' ??

    This Tuesday, 8:30pm UK time, count me in. :whistling:
  9. @Connor Caple, nice to have you back! I meant no tuning at all except for oil change. I had no practice at all and I don't plan to test, I just want to relax and have some good fun on track, see you there tomorrow!
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  10. Rui F. Martins

    Rui F. Martins

    i will also have mine stock, i had upgrade it for a seasonal event but i will remove the upgrades and stick with the oil change only
  11. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    Thanks. Had double HC injections in both shoulders last week and some of the pain is easing, but they still think they'll have to operate later on the right one. Still, progress is always good and with the FF off I can turn the wheel for an hour before I get too much pain.

    I had a half hour with the car on Silverstone last night and it handled reasonably well at stock. Back end will probably be looser online as there's something wrong with the physics there still, but I should cope. See you later. :D
  12. Room is up.
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  13. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    Thanks for the races, Sakis and Rui. Had fun. That car was as tail happy as I thought it would be, so not surprised at my slides and spins.

    I did manage 2 PB times in the last race, so I'm happy about that. :thumbsup:
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  14. Rui F. Martins

    Rui F. Martins

    i had a great time, i was even able to keep in front for most of the 3rd race, but Sakis passed me at the begining of the last lap and took the win, it was a nice event, can't wait for the next one :thumbsup:
  15. Sorry I didnt make the race guys. I was tired as this morning and went straight back to sleep after my alarm. Ill set next weeks race shortly.
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