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WIP Cloverleaf

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by luthobu, Aug 20, 2012.

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  1. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Prepare yourself @boomer541!!
  2. my only complaints about this track is, its not finished (not that it really bothers me). and the stationary vehicles, of course I was driving a 70s 455 powered wagon, which btw they don't do evasive maneuvers to well apparently.

    But tons of open space (once you have avoided the parked cars) to get most cars up to top speed.
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  3. Nice high speed drive and it's not really a cloverleaf, interesting anyway.
    I fixed the two Qlog errors, 1 by commenting out the dof in the geometry.ini file and making a shader for the other.

    The waves made me seasick!!!!!
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  4. Thanks boomer. I messed up! When making the first .ar I entered the wrong syntax
    which wrote the ar to bbline00.dof! I will fix that. And have fixed the missing shader.
    Will upload Have uploaded a buxfix release - PLEASE RE-DOWNLOAD as a dof was
    missing :)

    You can turn off the waves in the shader, just replace ~vf_wave with ~vf_standard at
    line 176 (shader_water).
  5. I started to connect the end stubs, but then Alexander discovered a severe bug in the
    road. Once the bug has been exterminated I will extend the stubs and connect them :)
    I will also add lights, maybe huge ones across the road, extended from the side railings.
    A gas station was also in the planning stage, at the very bottom, under the highway.
    Would be nice to get all the ideas into place, but I just got tired (not bored, more type
    fatigue..). I'll continue to work on it, but slowly. I still have my day job :p
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  6. Somebody can halp to make ai for Cloverleaf highway? Because this track very good for drag racing!