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Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Ian Cameron, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Can anyone explain this please. I have filters set on default weather conditions but when I use the clouds setting as shown in the image, Heavy clouds, I get this effect. through the sun visor I get the effect I'm supposed to see yet through the windscreen I get light grey wishy washy clouds.
  2. The sky is full of clouds???? That is heavy clouds. The visor is making them darker obviously. If you are after the dark skies below the visor then choose a later time in the day 5.30pm. Looks like the sun is still high in the sky illuminating the clouds. What time is it? If it is late in the day in your screen then something is wrong.
  3. Time was 1430, but surely even without the visor and whatever time of day they shouldn't be that white with no definition to them.
  4. There is definition to them. Maybe your screen has a more faulty calibration than normal. It's not impossible.
    Try out my weather mod otherwise. It includes a weather called evening storm, will give you more definition for sure. Dont forget to apply the pp-filter along with it since it's made for that.

    But first I would go into your screens menu (I have no idea what kind of screen you use) and turn off all extra on top stuff like added contrast boost, blackness and so on. Many times they give you contrast in one part of the spectrum and you completely lose it in another (spectrum between black and white).

    Anyway. The difference between different screens is much bigger than people think. It can vary very much. For example, it come out an article some years ago that researchers concluded that humans percieve the blue spectrum brighter than the varm/red even at the same luminosity. This made screen developers think if our screens look brighter (hence more contrasty) we will stand out in the shop next to the competition. So they calibrated their monitors towards blue, way off neutral calibration. Most consumer monitors and tv's today are calibrated off neutral towards blue. Which basically makes comparing one image file on the internet between to pc's impossible. One person simply have no idea what the other one see's.
  5. Are you using any cloud or weather mods at all? There are some good ones and bad ones. Bad one use too many cloud textures and the weather mods tell the game to use too many clouds resulting in a white out look of the sky. Check your content\textures\clouds folder, if you have more than 20 you could be receiving that glitch. Cloud textures are named cloud1b on so on. The weather.ini files tell the game how many to use, if it's set too high then the cloud textures start to duplicate resulting in a white out of the sky. Try TT alternate weather and ppfilter in the downloads, has a very interesting evening storm weather. We've been working ideas together to get some impressive results. It started with my ppfilter (blackcelica's) and grew from there. It's in the downloads misc section.
  6. Ha ha, hi Tomas.
  7. Thanks guys for your advice have tried mods in the past, so looks like I will try them again and just keep playing around to get the look I like.
    Seems default settings are quite poor.
  8. You can improve a lot from default and still not lose much performance.