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Cars closed [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Mods' started by chargingcar, Jun 19, 2015.

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  1. chargingcar submitted a new resource:

    F1 2015 Mercedes Hybrid W06 - Formula Corsa

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. ferrari car ready for when they triumph over merc at rbr??
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  3. This is fantastic! Thank you so much!
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  4. No brakes! When I tried to brake for turn 1, the car just kept going. So I exited and went to Controls, and everything looked normal. Then I tried the Williams, and its brakes were normal. So then I tried the Mercedes again, and no brakes at all. Any ideas what might be wrong?
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  5. Just replying again so I can watch the thread and receive email notifications...
  6. this is a pretty good mod, it's a nice experience but are you planning to fix the traction control and the ABS for the future versions?
    PS:sorry for my bad english
  7. You have to turn off ABS.
  8. Ah, just so. I don't have to turn it all the way off, though; "Factory" works.
  9. i'm not sure if it's an issue with me braking with insufficient vigor to regenerate the hybrid system but i can't seem to get the car to run at a reasonable speed after a lap or so of spielberg. the "car" appears to run out of power. it's not an issue with some of the other assetto corsa cars, which led me down the hybrid lane...
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  10. One of the best F1 car mods.
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  11. why do the staff constantly **** about with the threads , I dont want **** to the left I made it center , and if I want to add links to our site I will , or take them down ! :O_o:
  12. That escalated quickly!
  13. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Your post has not been edited or tampered with in any way, shape or form. If we were to remove links from your posts, then it's because they'd be in breach of our forum ToS on advertisement grounds.
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  14. How is it advertisement , its where we host our content , we do not make money from anything so carnt see the issues ,
    The post,s I create them with the text in the center everything on the page was to the left , your just all control freaks , everysingle day nearly I come on here and everything has changed , the background , the layout and you just change what you feel like in threads , you make everything to the left , everyone always complaining about the changes you are making that make no sense just leave crap alone .
  15. Bram

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    Maybe you should read the rules for once before you freak out again.

    You have been getting here all the support in the world you need yet every now and then you explode for no reason.

    We can modify all the content on the site as we deem and if you have a problem with it you can address it in a normal way.

    This is really the last warning I am going to give you and next time sit on your hands for two minutes before you make a reply.

    Typing such aggression on forums is a secondary emotion and really not needed.

    FYI: I reduced the size of the ridiculous large image last weekend it was 5000xsomething which only hurts the loading of the page. Plus I removed the trademarked F1 2015 from the title (your welcome) which is not allowed to be used anymore. After which you got a free plug on our facebook https://www.facebook.com/racedepartment/posts/10152955235656659 (no thanks needed).

    No you don't, you host it here. You can add further url's in the appropriate box just like anybody else (see screenshot)


    If you don't want it here, don't upload it.
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  16. Its not that what bothers me , its you guys keep moving the page from center to left , if I wanted it to the left then common sense tells you it would be to the left , why change only 1 page to the left but leave the others , so my content I am uploading all has the same design and text but they all look different in which is so annoying , just leave things alone , yes Ill use the link bar , and yes will upload smaller pictures but everything else to be honest just boggles the mind why you think you can control what people like and dont like ,
    Everysingle person I know constantly on about you changing the site day after day , background layout , thats fine do has you wish but leave what I create alone!
  17. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    We do that specifically to piss you off of course. That's what you wanted to hear right?
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  18. Yeah if thats what makes you happy lol ,
    But I dont know what goes off behind closed doors do I .

    The problem is that , well its not even a problem but you guy,s always make it into one anyways ,
    Is that what different does it make to you if the text I make is center aligned or aligned to the left , I like it center thats how I write it , yes I understand with the links you have explained and I understand and with the pictures I can solve those issues there not a problem , I will upload lower res pictures .

    But please explain to me why it makes a different exactly how I like my text to be , but because if its a massive issue for you then simply go to the backend and remove the feature that asks you where would you like your text to be sir .
    I like mine center and the page center , you like yours to the left , thats fine .
    But again you change just this W06 mod to the left but I updated two at the same time the FW37 and W06 , twice I put the text center and you guys put it back left , but you only change this mod I upload not all the mods I upload ,
    You do it every now and then move everything to the left but you do not do it to all content ,
    If its a massive problem and you carnt sleep because you carnt control how I like my text then simply just remove the feature!
  19. that 5000px something is 4k resolution which is garanting best quality lol. So it doesnt hurt the loading of the page but u did actually hurt the quality
  20. He his talking about loading time on mobiles I believe from an earlier conversation months back i think lol
    Its changing the way the text appears thats annoying , they change the page layout on this thread but not other threads , I have no issues at all and do not complain unless they do totally strange things that just boggle your mind .

    If the page layout is an issue then just simply remove the feature that asks you if you want your text , left , right , center then theres no more issues , but changing the layout on one upload but not all uploads is just annoying .
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